Animal Healing Qigong Online Course

When an animal experiences qigong healing, gratitude flows from their spirit back to you. As you send unconditional love, the animal will send it back to you.

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Qigong Master Jaci Gran demonstrates the Sword Fingers technique for Removing Energy Blockages


Qigong Healing for Animals

Complete Online Self-Learning Program
with Master Jaci Gran

If your animal has an illness or health challenge what do you do? Usually you would bring it to a vet. This is a good idea, but what can you do at home on your own?


Regular $179



About The Program


Step-by-Step Healing Process with Videos

Unlimited streaming access to clear instructional videos. No prior Qigong knowledge or practice required. No jargon or confusing language; only simple and powerful techniques you can review over and over until you’ve mastered the process.


Study Manual in PDF format

Print it out or read online across devices. You will have this clearly designed Qigong Healing for Animals self-study manual in your hands to reference whenever needed. This manual includes the bonus section: “Extra Healing Process for Specific Conditions”


Special Bonus

Distance Healing Guided Meditation

Guided by Master Jaci Gran, this long distance healing meditation helps you perform healing on animals remotely. Many people found, to their surprise, that animals would practice the meditation with them! This bonus guided healing meditation comes free with the program. Download to your devices for easy access. Practice daily to increase your healing ability.


“I’d like to share a story about the profound healing of my little dog, Trixie.

A couple of months ago, Trixie was attacked by three large dogs.

After about two to three weeks post-injury, Trixie developed what I can only describe as seizures. Never during the years she’s belonged to me had I ever heard her cry out in pain like that, and the sound tore at my heart.

The attacks were thankfully short in duration, although each seemed like an eternity when it was happening. After several days, I had reached a breaking point.

I don’t know why I didn’t think to call earlier for help from Spring Forest Qigong, but I can only guess that I was too overwhelmed in the moments as they passed.


“From the time of the very first qigong session, Trixie’s “episodes” stopped.

There hasn’t been one repeat, and Trixie continues to grow stronger and healthier, and more like her old self in every way.”


Trixie received the most advanced medical care a dog can get, but without the love of Spring Forest Qigong, I question what the future might have been.

It’s important to me to share this testimony. I don’t want others to fail to consider the profound benefits of qigong for their pets and other family members – even when they may initially believe that the problem is too critical and medically difficult to address through qigong.”


– Lisa Makarchuk Indiana, USA


Longer Lifespan

Holistic Healing with Qigong

Animals Love Qigong Energy


All-Natural Healing

Qigong healing is holistic and non-invasive. Learn how to use authentic, ancient Chinese wisdom to help animals.

Increase Qi Flow

Balanced Qi flow in the body is the key to well-being for animals (including humans). Qigong healing is one of the quickest and best ways to promote Qi flow.

Remove Energy Blockages

All matter is energy. When energy gets stuck, it becomes an energy blockage. Learn how energy blockages are formed and how to use Qigong to remove them.


Spiritual Connections

You have physical and emotional connections with your animals; connect with them spiritually so you can understand your animals on a deeper level.

Happier and Healthier

Animals don’t speak our language, but they deserve happier and healthier lives. With this program, you can help provide just that.

Animals are Thankful

Did we mention that animals LOVE Qigong healing energy? You will feel their gratitude when you practice Qigong healing on them.


“Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That’s the problem.”


— A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh


Complete Self-Learning Program

$179  $129

Limited Time Offer with FREE Bonus


Instructional videos clearly explain
the Qigong healing process

Video Highlights:

 • Demonstrations on live animal

 • Step-by-step healing processes, including preparing yourself, detecting energy blockages, and removing energy blockages

 • Using the Small Universe and Sword Fingers techniques to help remove blockages

 • Closing of the healing session

 • Specific Qigong techniques for healing

 • Qigong for common life circumstances

 • Distance healing techniques

 • Distance group healing techniques


Study Manual/E-Book for Handy Reference

Content Highlights:

 • How to become a powerful healer

 • Spring Forest Qigong healing, energy blockages, cause of energy blockages

 • The healing process: overview, preparing yourself, detecting energy blockages, removing energy blockages

 • Specific qigong techniques for day-to-day situations

 • Qigong healing for common life circumstances: Trauma, abuse, life transition

 • Distance healing

 • Distance group healing

 • Bonus learning materials: Pancreas & stomach healing technique, lung healing technique, kidney, liver healing techniques, etc.

 • Energy systems and color healing



$22.95 Value


Guided Distance Healing Meditation for Animals


Use ancient Qigong meditations to help animals heal, whether they are near or far. (These meditations will also help you). Qigong healing meditation works by taking you to a state of higher consciousness where the power of our minds and hearts are at their strongest; in this state, with kind intentions, you can transform energy. Let Master Jaci guide you to higher vibration to transform illness.


Animals love meditation healing energy! You can practice this healing meditation with your pets. Or, simply play the music in the background for your animals. They can hear the energy vibration from the meditation.


We recommend practicing this meditation daily to increase your healing power.


Why Animals are so Responsive to Qigong Healing

Out of the need for sheer self-preservation, animals have developed a highly evolved sensitivity to energy. The need to protect themselves from predators and other dangers has helped them hone their senses. The ability to see, hear, smell, taste, or touch something to gain information on whether something should be avoided or enjoyed was imperative.


As animals have developed these senses over the evolutionary process, they have developed an additional sense that we refer to as The Sixth Sense. This is the ability to process information in a different way, the ability to sense the vibration of energy. After all, animals couldn’t hire bodyguards or lawyers to protect themselves so they needed to find an even better way in which to do so, and they did, through the astonishing sixth sense.


Animals sixth sense makes it incredibly easy for us to assist our pets and animals with their healing needs. The information we have about how a heart works can be applied to all animals, including humans. Energy blockages in the different organs of the body, whether for a pet or a person, can be cleared and transformed using universally applicable principles of balancing energy. Pets, however, have a huge advantage over people when it comes to Qigong healing. They are much more sensitive because of they have naturally developed a finely tuned sixth sense.


Many qigong practitioners have shared fun stories of their pet’s reaction to Spring Forest Qigong healing movements or meditations. Dogs howl and cats scratch to get into meditation rooms. Pets walk in between the legs of a qigong stance or simply lie down on top of feet. Pets that were normally rather active immediately calm down.


Other Spring Forest Qigong students have talked about practicing outside and the observations they’ve made of the animals around them. Typically these stories tell of various small creatures gathering nearby to enjoy the energy. Due to the inherent sixth sense these animals know a good thing when they sense it and are incredibly attracted to the beautiful healing energy of Qigong.


Program Expert

Jaci Gran

Qigong Master

“You have the power to heal your loved animal. All you need is your compassion and your love infused into specific healing techniques. If you are like me and have a passion and desire to help alleviate suffering for animals throughout the world, this course will teach you ways to do just that.”



Healing Appointment



To book a Qigong healing session with Master Jaci Gran for yourself or your animal friends, please contact Spring Forest Qigong Healing Center.

Monday – Friday
8:00AM – 5:00PM US Central Time


Recommended by: Grand Master Chunyi Lin


My whole life is dedicated to teaching the healing power of Qigong to the world, helping all beings find happiness, joy, and live a pain-free life. This includes all animals in the world.


I am excited to announce that we finally have the complete Qigong Healing for Animals Self-Learning program, so you can use the principles of Qigong and experience being a healer with unconditional love for your beloved animal friends.



Complete Online Self-Learning Program

with Qigong Master Jaci Gran

“You have the power to heal your loved animal. All you need is your compassion and your love infused into specific healing techniques. This program will show you how to do that.”

Complete Online Self-Learning Program

Regular $179


• Unlimited Streaming Access to 12 Easy-to-follow Instructional Videos

• Unlimited Access and Download to e-book in PDF format

• Bonus – Unlimited Access and Downloadable Guided Healing Meditation in MP3


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