November 8 - 10 | Qigong Master Jerry Wellik & Qigong Instructor Emily Jarrett Hughes  | CENTRAL TIME ONLINE $279

Qi Cultivation to awaken the healer within. A well-trained and developed Qigong Healer is able to move others’ Qi, influence their Qi Field, and inspire them to take action to achieve their optimal health.

Continuing Professional Education: 11 Contact Hours

December 2024 | The Healing Connection |  LIVE ONLINE

'Qigong for Longevity'

 Continue your Qigong Study anywhere in the world, Live! Join a community of like-minded people who come together Tuesdays @ 9 PM US Central Time for a powerful one-hour group led by Qigong Grandmaster Chunyi Lin. Every month of the Healing Connection gives 0.5 re-certification credits for SFQ Certified Professionals.

December 2024 | Qigong Movement & Meditation Practice |  LIVE ONLINE


An Online Global Gathering for Qigong Healing and Practice. Qi Circle is guided by an expert Qigong healer and teacher. Designed to empower you, support your healing, help you truly embody the wisdom of Spring Forest Qigong, and create a Qi-filled lifestyle.

December 21 | Solstice Energy Harvesting Meditation | US CENTRAL TIME ONLINE $39

Did you know that you can greatly expand the essence of your Qigong practice during the special time of Solstice? Take advantage of this special time of transition on our planet, as Master Lin guides you in a Deep Energy Harvesting Meditation to Cultivate, Balance, and Strengthen your Qi, preparing you for the upcoming seasonal change

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