January 2021



Qigong’s breathing techniques (and their benefits) are powerful in many ways. But one little-known benefit is detoxing – specifically, detoxing our whole being: the physical body, our emotions, our Qi-Field, and even the energies around us. Master Lin will explore with you, in-depth, Qigong’s breathing techniques, which simultaneously engage light, the mind, and the entire body for a total energy detox.


In short, this means renewing and revitalizing your Qi. Master Lin will guide you in practicing these specific Qigong breathing techniques to detox, so you will have room for new, brighter Qi.


January 5 -  Qigong Breathing Techniques to Detox Your Body

January 12 -  Qigong Breathing Techniques to Detox Your Emotions

January 19 - Qigong Breathing Techniques to Detox Your Qi (Qi-Field)

January 26 - Qigong Breathing Techniques to Renew Your Relationships

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