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Getting Started

Helping Yourself to Heal

Getting started with Spring Forest Qigong is as easy as putting in a DVD or CD and following along as Master Chunyi Lin guides you step-by-step in SFQ Fundamentals.

1) Use the SFQ Fundamentals  package, which contains three essential tools in one very powerful and affordable course:

Level One for Health DVD

Teaches you the active exercises of Level One for Health and the Sword Fingers healing technique for helping others (the active exercises may be done standing, sitting, or lying down). The DVD is 2 hours long and filled with bonus energy tips.

Small Universe Meditation CD

Guides you through the Small Universe sitting meditation. The Small Universe meditation is helpful in teaching you how to manipulate and balance the energy throughout your entire body as well as increase your energy. Many SFQ students who have been using other meditation techniques for years say the Small Universe meditation is the most powerful and effective they have ever experienced.

Level One for Health Manual

Includes detailed descriptions and illustrations of each of the Healing movements for Level One. The manual explains the Small Universe guided meditation and how to use the Sword Fingers technique for helping others. In the manual, you will also learn: How Energy Blockages Are Formed, How to Awaken Your Natural Healing Abilities, and the Keys to Your Success.


2) Attend a Spring Forest Qigong Level One workshop
(Level One – Spring Forest Qigong for Health):

In this workshop you will learn the history and general principles of qigong and the qigong exercises Master Lin has created so that everyone can use these techniques. You will also learn how energy blockages affect your health and the keys to successful healing. This workshop is being held at Northwestern Health Sciences University as well as at our own SFQ Wellness Center. Click Here for details.


3) Take a Spring Forest Qigong Level One class from one of our certified instructors: There are more than 150 people in the United States and other countries who have been certified by Spring Forest Qigong to teach a Spring Forest Qigong Level One class. If you are unable to come to our healing center, there may be a class available in your area taught by one of our Level One certified instructors. Please see the list of Level One Certified Instructors by State to check for availability.

Thousands of students began studying Spring Forest Qigong at home using Spring Forest Qigong Fundamentals. It is designed as a ‘plug-and play’ home study course. No matter which option you choose, you will be introduced to Spring Forest Qigong’s wonderful and powerful spiritual healing energy.

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