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Aware of Your Inner Power - Working With the Masters

Previously recorded: Available for purchase

If you've been seeking ways to "open your heart" and want to explore the spiritual energetics of Spring Forest Qigong, we invite you to explore the Spring Forest Qigong series called Working with the Masters.

International Qigong Master, Chunyi Lin and Master Lesley Vincent, have created a new opportunity for you to become more aware of your inner power. Moving energy within you at any level is transformational. As you practice qigong, elements of self-realized mastery become more known.

This Working with the Masters series will help you experience the Master Physician within you – the Master Creative Power within you – the Master of Energy within you and most importantly the Master of what Mahatma Gandhi called “the greatest force the world possesses” – the Power of unconditional Love, which flows from your Core, your heart energy.

This tele-seminar and accompanying 27-page Working with the Masters e-Guide was specifically designed for students, at any level, who feel deep within their heart, that mastery beckons them. Many aspects of spiritual growth are part of this new and never-before-offered tele-seminar.

Some of the key areas for transformation and advancement are:

  • Exploring love and light in action within you
  • A timeless state of being
  • Opening your three heart centers
  • The power of your soul and merging with it
  • Connecting with your soul's energies
  • Combining with your soul's gifts
  • Awakening and seeing everything as light
  • Your words are energy
  • Translucent living
  • Your heart is your chalice of creativity
  • Commitment to serve
  • The power of vision
  • Forming your life vision

If you've been seeking personal freedom, true peace, and the wondrous power of being a transforming presence to assist yourself, those you love, and the world, Working With The Masters is a wonderful way to discover your personal power and awaken to the truth of who you really are.

If you find these SFQ techniques resonate with you and would like to explore these principles more deeply, this special Working with the Masters seminar is designed to help you do so.

This Series Contains:
  • 2 two-hour long mp3s recorded during the live Tele-seminar with Master Chunyi Lin and his associate, Spring Forest Qigong Master Lesley Vincent.
  • A downloadable, 27-page e-Workbook, all designed to help you go much deeper into your energy mastery and make it a living part of your daily life.


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