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SFQ Master Chunyi Lin

Thunder in Winter ~ An Energy Message

Thunder is a weather event, a sound, an energy that we associate with spring and summer and even autumn. It is very uncommon for us to have thunder in winter. This winter we did.

Whenever there is thunder in winter it is an event, an energy message we need to pay attention to. When I heard thunder during the winter I knew it was is an indication of challenges ahead. For one thing it told me that this could be a very bad flu season.

The thunder wakes up the energy of the earth telling it that spring is coming but its still winter time. So, when the plants try to wake-up the energy is still too cold and it becomes a blockage in the land.

When spring really comes this toxic blockage will start releasing from the land. This is not a balanced energy, making it more difficult for all life to blossom and making it easier for people to get sick.

The great thing, of course, is that all energy can be transformed into something beautiful and beneficial and transforming energy is what qigong is all about.

Just by practicing qigong each day we are helping to remove energy blockages and bring energy balance not only to our own bodies but to everything around us.

There are also specific things we can do that can be especially beneficial for removing this blockage to our land during this transition.

To help balance the energy in the land I encourage you to take time every day or as often as you can to send healing energy to the earth.

Even if it’s just for a couple of minutes take time to be a love radiator and send your healing love energy to heal the land. Sit comfortably. Put a smile on your face. Drop your shoulders. Breathe slowly, gently, deeply and comfortably.

Focus on your heart. See the golden rays of a beautiful sun shining there. See the rays of the sun shooting out from your heart to all around you.

Visualize these golden rays of light going into the earth, around your home, your neighborhood, our entire planet. See all the blockages in the land transforming into beautiful butterflies flying off into the air.

Now visualize a perfect spring day. See how beautiful the flowers are and the trees. Smell how wonderful the air smells with the fragrances of all the new growth. See all of the animals, all living things in perfect health and harmony. Feel the happiness of all living things in this perfect spring.

As you radiate this healing love energy to all around you, you are also radiating this healing love energy to every cell in your body. As you send your love to others, it always helps you as well and the more unconditional love you send out the more you will receive in return.

Since spring is coming the liver energy starts coming on to detoxify, preparing the body for spring. The liver energy is strong but it is now only in the process of growing and is still kind of weak.

In the immune system and lymph system the energy is not yet very stable. People who have health problems especially with these systems need to be very careful with their diet. Do not eat deep fried food or roasted nuts or anything that’s stale, especially nuts. These foods are not helpful to the liver.

Physical exercise is very important at this time of year. I highly recommend you do more qigong active exercise and also more physical exercise. You need to work up a sweat. Sweating helps to release toxins in the body.

This is especially important to do for anyone who lives close to water, an ocean, a pond, a lake, or even wetlands. These people really need to have extra exercise and work up a good sweat. I recommend you do your exercising indoors and make sure you keep your body warm, especially the feet, to protect your body from losing too much energy.

Once you have finished your exercise be sure to get into warm, dry clothes right away. Sitting around in sweaty things can make your body cold and weaken your energy.

If you really want to go outside to exercise it is best not to go out to exercise until after the sun rises, and, of course, keep warm, especially your feet.

The liver energy shows out through the eyes so strengthening your eyes is also very beneficial. I have many tips for this in this newsletter in my article, Energy Exercises for Healthy Eyes.

One more simple thing you can do is to massage your ears. Massage them from top to bottom pulling gently on your ear lobes when you reach them.

Just massaging your ears in this simple way helps strengthen your liver energy and your kidney energy. And, massaging your ears is something you can do anywhere, anytime and as often as you like. It is very beneficial for your entire body.


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