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Unlock Your Healing Intelligence with Spring Forest Qigong Five Element Healing Movements

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These movements are designed to help your body heal. They are based on the five elements - wood, fire, earth, metal, and water - and integrate ancient Chinese healing wisdom. Master Chunyi Lin developed these both to compliment the basic movements for cultivating Qi in one’s body found in SFQ Fundamentals, as well as to give you a more complete approach to heal yourself.

Benefits of the Movements

These new movements, which took years of developing and draw upon Master Lin’s decades of Qigong training and teaching, have many benefits including:

  • Help you break away from negative imbalance emotions
  • Help you remove energy blockages in your body
  • Prevent energy blockages from forming in your body
  • Help you experience the optimal health

What are the 5 Elements and How are They Integrated into Qigong?

The philosophy of five elements is an ancient Chinese wisdom that derived from Chinese ancestors observing how everything works in the universe with one’s self or with others. It describes the relationships of energy and how energies are flowed, exchanged, and balanced. The five elements philosophy applies to both material and non-material energy systems.

Spring Forest Qigong Five Element Healing Movements were designed using the five-element philosophy to balance our bodies’ energies. When our bodies' energies are balanced, we experience optimal health.

Our bodies have 12 major energy channels that each support, control, exchange, and balance each other. The five elements philosophy states that our bodies’ energy channels and their flow are directly connected to our five major organs. Each of our five major organs represents an element from the five elements because it has the characteristic of that specific element

When one or more of our bodies' energy channels are imbalanced, too active or too stagnate, our body could experience challenges and energy blockages.

How Do Our Bodies' Energy Channels Get Out of Balance?

There are many ways our bodies' energy channels could get out of balance, including consumption of unhealthy foods, poor environmental conditions one lives in, or accidents, etc. But one of the main reasons our bodies’ energy channels get out of balance is because the effects created by imbalanced emotions.

Ancient Chinese healers found that the energy flow of our five major organs and their related channels are directly affected by our emotions.

Consequently, your positive emotions are very powerful and also affect your energy channels. When used in conjunction with each of these new Spring Forest Qigong Five Element Healing Movements, they will greatly enhance and balance the flow of your body's energy.

Healing with Emotions

These five revolutionary Spring Forest Qigong Healing Movements incorporate the philosophy of five elements and their five positive emotions, which directly connect and have strong positive effects in energy balance in our five major organs' and their channels.

Your body's energy has the intelligence to help itself to heal. Practicing these new and revolutionary Spring Forest Qigong Healing Movements help you unlock the healing intelligence and activate your healing power that you already possess. Practicing these five gentle healing movements also help you to break away from negative imbalance emotions; helps you remove energy blockages in your body; prevents energy blockages from forming in your body, and helps you experience the optimal health.


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