Energy of the Spring Season


Spring is a time of transition from the dormancy of winter to the promise of new life, rebirth, growth and change and infinite possibilities. Like the new green shoots that sprout through the long dormant, cold soil of winter, spring is the time of active energy.

Spring is the season when the energy of the liver is very strong and the liver is vital in detoxifying the body. When the liver energy is not strong the body cannot detoxify well, which can lead to so many problems. Some people have a lot of coughing in the spring, which is mainly due to weak liver energy. Allergies are also common for some during spring, which can also mean the stomach channel is out of balance. *

Energy of the Spring Season


Spring is prime time for strengthening the liver energy. Being active and eating the right foods can really help the liver energy. Strong liver energy brings more physical energy and vitality. Here are some helpful tips:


Be Active

Physical activity is so important in springtime and for revitalizing the liver energy. Take a walk, dance, do more qigong active exercises, do things that get your body moving. Start slowly and don’t overdo but being active is so beneficial.


Eat Green

Eating seasonally, organically and locally grown foods are always beneficial and in spring time you should eat more green vegetables, leafy vegetables, dandelion greens, spinach, kale, leeks, asparagus, sprouts and beans and the like. Eat a good variety of these foods. Eat them raw or steamed or lightly sautéed or stir fried. Avoid or greatly limit fried, deep-fried or fatty foods. Avoiding them is best.


See Green

Green is the color associated with the liver so take time each day to look at green things, green grass, new leaves on the trees, new growth on shrubs and bushes. The energy from the green color of these things is very beneficial and can really help to strengthen your liver energy just by looking at them. If you work near your computer so that you can look at it once in awhile.

Better yet get two plants and put one in place for a week or two while the second plant is in a good place for getting the sun. Then exchange places for the plants every week or two. Also, the plant can absorb the energy from the computer. So the plant helps protect you, which is important anytime, especially in the spring because that is liver time – and your liver needs the energy.


Get Outdoors

Fresh air, like exercise, really helps get your energy flowing so get outdoors as often as you can – weather permitting. Take your walk outdoors, garden, ride a bike, go hiking, even just sitting in the sun in your backyard or a local part and taking in all the green energy around is so beneficial.


Be Positive

Like the tiny, green shouts that sprout through the newly thawed and once dormant ground know that the energy of this rebirth with its infinite possibilities are with you and all around you. This is always true and this energy is even more powerful in spring.

Spring is a time for all living things to get active, for clearing away and breaking through the obstacles of the past. So put some spring in your step, spring in your food, spring in your mind and heart and spring into life.




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