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spring forest qigong level 5 

Spring Forest Qigong Level 5 Retreat

Going Beyond…

with Master Chunyi Lin

Save the Date: March 4th - 9th, 2018


Below is the Information regarding 2016 Spring Forest Qigong Level 5 Advanced Qigong Retreat 

Master Lin requests that all attendees stay on the Old Mission San Luis Rey campus during the Spring Forest Qigong Level 5 Retreat. This retreat is a full immersion retreat so it is very important for the experience to remain engaged in the atmosphere of the retreat the entire time.


The Spring Forest Qigong Level 5 Retreat is designed to help you go beyond your current level of understanding and help you develop your inborn gifts of Super Senses, Inner Supernatural Power.


Spring Forest Qigong Level 5 Retreat Learning Objectives

In the Level 5 Retreat, you will learn how to activate your higher level inborn gifts to help yourself and others to heal. It is only in these higher levels you will truly discover who you are and what you are. Only in these higher levels will you discover how powerful you are, so that in these higher levels you can more completely connect yourself with the divine.

The areas Master Lin will focus on include:


Super Sense Development

  • 1st Super Sense: Seeing
  • 2nd Super Sense: Hearing
  • 3rd Super Sense: Smelling
  • 4th Super Sense: Tasting
  • 5th Super Sense: Feeling with Your Body


Inner Supernatural Power Development

  • Mind and heart conversation and communication with others and with your Master
  • Traveling back to the past
  • Traveling to the future


Healing Power Development

  • Healing a Spirit
  • Healing the Heart
  • Universal Message
  • Healing Healing Unknown Cases 
  • Unit 1 - Unit 3



  • The secret cycle of the body intelligence
  • The importance of the Dantian for extending your life span
  • The power of the oneness in Jing, Qi, Shen
  • Fetus breathing skill
  • Diet for extending your life span
  • Meditation for extending your life span
  • Couple Qigong


Spontaneous Qigong

  • Develop Intuition and Wu Wei


Other Topics in Advanced Discussion

  • Finding Your Soul Purpose - What is the original plan before you came to live on this planet? Discovering your original plan is key to your abundance of all things, including your higher development.
  • Choosing Your Master
  • The Five Eyes: Five Categories of Third Eye


Physical eye

Internal eye

Wisdom eye

Tao’s eye

Buddha’s eye


  • Heal Others Through Healing Yourself
  • Seven Dimensions of Healing and Spiritual Growth
  • Conversation and Communication with Others in the Heart Level
  • Use Your Mind to Affect the Weather
  • Five Elements in Spirituality
  • Using Your Subconscious Mind to Affect Others Behavior
  • The Power of Universal Love
  • Discover the Void and Emptiness
  • Vitality Traveling Map 

The Level 5 Retreat will focus on these areas and more and help you experience these higher levels through deeper meditations.



1. Completion of Spring Forest Qigong Level 4

2. Awakening the Master Within (24 Step Bridge to Level 5) - More details

The 24 Steps series was created to prepare you for the training Master Lin will provide in the Spring Forest Qigong Level 5 Retreat. It was designed to be a bridge for leading you to ever higher levels of consciousness and enlightenment.

The 24 Steps provided you with building blocks for living a more enlightened life every day, for knowing yourself better. Only in this way can you enter and make deeper connection with the Oneness, with the infinite source.

Now that you have made these 24 Steps a part of your life the time has come to help you to go even deeper.


This event often sold out early.  Registration Open Soon in June 2017.


Level 5 Cancellation Policy

Cancellation fee is 10% of the [regular] price of the retreat when the request is made 31 days or more.

No refund of event fee when cancellation request is made in 30 days or less.

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Master Chunyi Lin

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