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SFQ Fundamentals is a simple, but powerful guide to help you unlock your healing energy and achieve your optimal health, wellness and healing.

If you’ve been looking for an easy way to incorporate natural and holistic healing Master Lin presents them step-by-step, simply and clearly in SFQ Fundamentals.

You learn how to move and direct the energy in your own body. You discover that when you do you are awakening the healer within you.

As you practice these Fundamentals you experience why Master Lin says, “You were born a healer.”

Spring Forest Qigong - SFQ FundamentalsSpring Forest Qigong - SFQ Fundamentals DVDs

Add to Cart$ 97.00 - physical product

Add to Cart$ 97.00 - digital course     


Just put in the DVD and follow along as Master Lin guides you through the fundamental SFQ gentle movements called Active Exercises.

On the CD he guides you through a simple, yet very powerful meditation called the Small Universe. This meditation will help you to balance and enhance the flow of energy throughout your entire body. When you balance your body’s energy you also experience peace of mind.

Use the Level One for Health manual for additional information to help further your practice and understanding.

With SFQ Fundamentals unleashing your healing energy really is just that simple -- simple, but very, very powerful.

Note: The DVD in SFQ Fundamentals has been expanded and enhanced to nearly two hours of instruction.

It includes:

  • A special Open Your Heart Introduction
  • The New Sword Fingers Training Video with wonderful visual effects
  • 20 Minutes of Bonus Energy Tips ... including:
    • How Your Energy System Work
    • Breathing Demonstration
    • 4 Key Points for Detoxifying the Body
    • Power of Your Mind Demonstration
    • … and more

Add to Cart$ 97.00 - physical product

Add to Cart$ 97.00 - digital course 

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