7 Day Blessing Meditations 2023

Please listen to a sample of Last Year's Recordings, part of Day 6: The Medicine Buddha Sutra!

14 Guided Meditations | Over 7 Hours of Audio | Stream Online or Download

These Meditations include:

  • A Prayer for All Living Beings
  • The Diamond Sutra
  • The Heart Sutra
  • The Grand Compassion Sutra
  • The Longevity Sutra
  • The Medicine Buddha Sutra
  • Transforming All Negative Karmas Chant

The sacred sounds of Tibetan chants, combined with Master Chunyi Lin's guided meditation, provides us with the power to attain our goals of a safe, healthy and prosperous 2023. In the recitation of Tibetan ancient chants, sound is very important, for it can bring transformation while leading one to power and strength.

“We have one universal goal...to turn around the rising tide of disconnection in the world, and through renowned peace and love, to reconnect to what truly matters to us. The sound of ancient chants can lift one’s spirit towards the higher self. They give us the power to help heal diseases, clear karmas, enlighten our hearts and transform our lives.”

Master Chunyi Lin

These wonderful Meditations are now available to purchase so that you can access their beautiful healing energy and wisdom anytime you wish!

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