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Spring Forest Qigong Level 1 | Complete Personal Study Program




"You were born with natural healing ability to help your body heal, start activating your Qi, the healing intelligence in your body.  Try this course, Spring Forest Qigong is simple, but Very, Very Powerful!"

-- Master Chunyi Lin




Activate the Qi


Designed for people who want to immediately dive deep into this ancient practice and utilize Spring Forest Qigong's healing wisdom for their own physical and emotional healing.


The focus of Level 1 Qigong for Health is to ACTIVATE THE QI, the healing intelligence in the body. The training includes SFQ's classic Qigong Movements and Small Universe Meditation. All while building a deep understanding of how Qi works, how energy blockages are formed, and of course, how to remove energy blockages.

Unlocking Your Healing Energy: Spring Forest Qigong empowers you to experience optimal health and wellness. Because we believe that each and everyone of us was born with this natural healing ability to help our body heal.



Healing from the Root Cause


The fundamental principle of Qigong is that everything in the universe is a form of energy, including every cell in your body. Your body's energy is constantly in the process of transforming. With Spring Forest Qigong Level 1 Qigong for Health, all you have to do is follow along with Chunyi Lin's guidance. Using simple movements, breathing and meditation, he shows you how to activate your body's healing energy to experience perfect healing and true awakening.

Qigong healing is healing from the root cause.  Its power goes beyond "scientific studies". Spring Forest Qigong teaches a way to access and remove the deepest root of energy blockages, so healing can happen naturally.



Hundreds of Thousands of People Have Found Healing in this Personal Study Course


Yes, hundreds of thousands of people have practiced and benefited Spring Forest Qigong Level 1: Qigong for Health.  That is the reason there are so many miraculous healing stories in Spring Forest Qigong.  This personal study Qigong course contains all the Qigong for Health tools you will need to get your Spring Forest Qigong practice started.

Just start the video and follow along as Master Chunyi Lin guides you through the classic Spring Forest Qigong Healing Movements and Small Universe meditation. Use the included Level One for Health Manual for additional information to help further your practice.

With Spring Forest Qigong Level 1 Qigong for Health, you start to activate your healing energy, it really is just that simple!



Streaming Instructional Videos, download Small Universe Meditation audio and PDF Book


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with Instructional DVD, Meditation CD and Printed Manual


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Included in Your Personal Study Course


Study Manual with the Qigong knowledge, Clear Instructions and Photos

Instructional Videos Demonstrated by Master Chunyi Lin. Guiding You Step-by-Step in Mastering Spring Forest Qigong Level 1 Qigong for Health

Small Universe Meditation Guided by Master Chunyi Lin.




Doctors Are Saying...


"Master Chunyi Lin has developed an easy-to-follow program"

Deepak Chopra, MD

"Absolutely remarkable."

Greg Gerber, MD

"Spring Forest Qigong is going to revolutionize the manner in which we look at healing."

Bill Manahan, MD




Advancing Your Qigong Study


Spring Forest Qigong for Healing 

Self-Learning Course and Guided Practice with Master Chunyi Lin

This course is all about building and strengthening your own energy and learning the many ways you can use Qigong to help heal yourself and help others heal. Using SFQ techniques to help open energy blockages so the energy of your body or a friend’s or family member’s body so healing comes quickly.


Learn More

Qigong 123 Bundle Best Value

Self-Learning Course and Guided Practice with Master Chunyi Lin

Comprehensive guide to Spring Forest Qigong techniques that have helped empower hundreds of thousands of people to understand that they were born a healer. Including three Spring Forest Qigong courses, Qigong for Health, Qigong Healing, and Advanced Energy Development and Healing.


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