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SFQ Healing Center


Qigong Treatment in Person

During your Qigong Healing Treatment, a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Master or Master Healer moves his or her hand several inches from your body to detect and to help remove energy blockages. This is a...

Qigong Treatment via Phone

If you are unable to come to our Spring Forest Qigong Healing Center in Minnesota, you can experience the same qigong healing treatment via phone.

Healing Treatment Packages

SFQ’s 3- and 5-Day Healing Packages allow you to experience your own personal healing “retreat” at our Spring Forest Qigong Healing Center.
Master Chunyi Lin and his personally appointed Spring Forest Qigong Masters and Master Healers will…

Meditation Healing

“I have breast cancer on right side along with lower back pain. My digestive system is very weak too. After two meditation healings with Master Lin, I am happy to say that the lump in my breast got smaller. I feel much better, have more energy, and feeling stronger too.”
--Joanne S.

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