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Healing Circles

Plus Healing Movements


Energy Healing and Higher Vibration in the Circle of Love

How many times have you asked yourself how you’re going to find time to meditate or do healing movements?

Master Lin always says, “The power of Qigong is in the practice!”

Join fellow students new and advanced on a weekly basis and be led by one of our Certified Master Healers guiding you in this hour long healing meditation and movements.

Make time for you. Balance and heal. Get in to the rhythm of meditating and doing healing movements every week and feel the benefits!


The Healing Circle is a group healing session. During the Healing Circle, the power of the energy is magnified through combining all of the participants’ energy with universal unconditional love energy.


Begin with 25 minutes of Healing Movements and then gently transition into a beautiful guided healing meditation. During this session participants sit comfortably in a circle led by a Certified Master Healer.


While the meditation is in progress, the Master Healer, leading the session, silently scans for energy blockages and works to remove them. You still your mind and feel the peace and tranquility healing your body, mind and spirit.


Meditate and heal during the 35 minute meditation. This is the ultimate way to start your day or have a peaceful, relaxing hour...


The more people who come together to practice, the stronger the magnetic field of energy. Come feel the energy of the Master Healer and join the energy of fellow members of the Healing Circle--the more powerful the energy, the more powerful the healing.

2 Healing Circles are offered each week:

Tuesdays from 12:00-1:00 pm CT 
Thursdays from 12:00–1:00 pm CT

Healing Circle Plus Healing Movements

Single Pass
One-Month Pass
Three-Month Pass
Add $64 for the privilege to bring a friend for Free to every session

*The pass holder must be present to bring a friend.


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