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Spring Forest Qigong Courses


Five Element Qigong

Healing Movements


The Five Element Qigong Healing Movements combines the wisdom of the 5000-year-old Yellow Emperor's medical manuscript with Master Lin's Modern-day healing experiences.  These revolutionary new qigong techniques merge breathing, gentle movements, emotions, sounds, and visualization to help you on multiple dimensions.

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SFQ Level 1 for Health


The fundamental principle of qigong is that everything in the universe is a form of energy, including every cell in your body. Your body's energy is constantly in the process of transforming. With Spring Forest Qigong Fundamentals, all you have to do is follow along with Chunyi Lin's guidance. Using simple movements, breathing and meditation, he shows you how to experience your optimal health and wellness.

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SFQ Level 2 for Healing


Spring Forest Qigong Level 2 is all about building and strengthening your own energy and learning the many ways you can use qigong to heal yourself and help others heal. Energy healing is healing from your Soul. It is all about sharing unconditional love, forgiveness and kindness energy using SFQ techniques to help open energy blockages so the energy of your body or a friend’s or family member’s body is flowing smoothly and freely so healing comes quickly.

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SFQ Level 3 for Advanced Healing


In the Qigong for Advanced Healing system you will learn advanced energy healing techniques for people with more serious health issues. It is an excellent resource for anyone working with advanced illnesses. It encourages further development into spiritual energy using fasting, third eye training, and much more.

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Qi~ssage Learning Course


Master Chunyi Lin created Qi~ssage to provide you with another simple, yet very powerful, technique to help you achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness. Like massage, Qi~ssage involves touching and physical stimulation. Like qigong, Qi~ssage focuses on balancing and enhancing the flow of energy through your body’s energy channels, or meridians--in part through the power of your mind (visualization) and, most importantly, the unconditional love from your heart.

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24 Step Bridge to Level 5 Course


The activities of our daily lives are often seen as impediments to enlightenment, to spiritual growth. The challenges we all face at times, the disappointments, the achievements, even the mundane can have the effect of setting us back in our spiritual growth.

Instead of holding us back, these very activities of daily life can propel us forward into higher and higher levels of penetration and spiritual enlightenment. The core of the 24 Steps is to help you break through those barriers and transform our daily activities into activities of spiritual growth and understanding of the deeper powers of the universe. The 24 Steps were designed for just that purpose.

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Finding Your Soul Purpose Course


This Soul Purpose course was designed to help you live a life with deep intuition, an open heart filled with compassion, superb health, free of fear and filled with Joy.


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