Where Do I Begin?


Where Do I Begin?


             One question we get all the time is, “Where do I begin with Spring Forest Qigong?”

             Where do we even begin?

             There are so many ways to answer that question, because it comes from so many different places.

             Some who ask it are totally new to Qigong, are ready to start, but can’t decide between Level One for Health and the Five Element Qigong Healing Movements. “Are they the same? Is one more advanced than the other? Do I have to learn both? Can I mix them?” And so on.

             Some who ask the question aren’t new to energy-work (usually, that means they do Reiki or Healing Touch) or even do another style of Qigong, so what they’re really asking is, “Can I skip Level One and go right to Level Two for Healing? or “Can I just go right to Level Three or to Master Lin’s Higher Vibration meditation retreat?”

             And others want to become a Certified Spring Forest Qigong Professional, so the question is more about what classes to take and when, what the difference between home-study courses and live classes is – and so on.

             Do you know what we mean, now – where do we even begin?

             Already this is a feast of questions.

             To save the chef some sweat and your belly the burden of digesting a full course of answers, we’ll simply serve you a sampler-tray of perspectives here, nibbles and noshes of food for thought – enough to pique your curiosity and whet your appetite for Qigong. Just remember, you’re always welcome to call or write us for some guidance or more information.

             Let’s just jump right into it.

             So – if you can only pick one course to purchase or one class to take, which should it be: Five Elements or Level One?

             We might as well say this now, because it’s going to be true for everything else we’ll be discussing here: there’s no “right” or “wrong” in Spring Forest Qigong, only “good, better, and best.” However you choose to begin, however you choose to apply this Qigong, what matters is that you’re doing it to help – yourself and others. It’s that simple.

             But here are some perspectives. Both Level One and Five Elements are mainly about self-healing. So, if that’s your goal, either is perfect for you. Both work with the same principles, both include a series of simple, gentle healing movements, and both enjoy the testimony of countless people who have used them to help heal every kind of challenge – physical, emotional, and even spiritual.

             Here’s something worth considering, though.

             Level One is the original Qigong practice Master Lin developed over 25 years ago; it’s been taught and practiced all over the world since then. Not only is it about self-healing, but it includes useful information about the causes of energy blockages, the history and principles of Qigong (and Spring Forest Qigong), extra healing tips, and even basic techniques for helping others to heal. So, Level One isn’t just helping you to heal yourself – it’s preparing you to help others to heal. It’s preparing you for Level Two. So, if you feel, “Yes, I would like to help others to heal, too,” then Level One is the perfect place to begin.

             Level One also includes what Master Lin calls “the most powerful meditation I have ever known” – Small Universe. It’s enough to say, this meditation is used for basic healing and the highest spiritual growth, and is practiced both at the beginning and at the highest levels of Qigong.

             It’s no wonder Master Lin says, “Everything is in Level One.”

             And Five Elements?

             Master Lin developed it only a few years ago, out of a desire to make self-healing even simpler, quicker, and more accessible; it’s the culmination and distillation of his many years of healing and of studying, practicing, and teaching Qigong.

             Five Elements both simplifies self-healing (leaving out the Small Universe meditation and much of the “extra” information in Level One) and amplifies it (by joining each healing movement with a specific positive emotion, all in harmony with the principles of the ancient Five Element Theory). It’s enough to say, the number one practice Master Lin and his healers recommend to their clients is Five Elements.

             But remember, whichever course or class you choose is a wonderful choice.

             Now, the mention of “course or class” brings up another question-within-a-question: “Am I better off taking a live class, or learning from a home-study course?”

             Many students have had the deepest healings and the most astounding experiences of energy just from practicing what they learned in their home-study courses, so please don’t think that if you can’t attend a live class, the Qigong you learn is “lesser.” No.

             But we will say this. If you plan to be a Certified Professional, you will need to take live classes, and quite aside from the techniques you learn, a live class offers benefits you just won’t get any other way.

             For one, in a live class, you get a direct experience, even a direct transmission, of energy from either a Master or an experienced Qigong teacher and practitioner. There’s nothing like that! You also get a chance to ask questions and get answers from that same Master or experienced Qigong practitioner.

             And, so often, just to be in a room full of other students is a catalyst for deep healing and transformation. When you meet people who may have had a healing experience or who are experiencing challenges like your own, or when you simply realize, “Wow, they can do this, so why can’t I?” – again, there’s really nothing like it. So, if you can attend a live Spring Forest Qigong class, we say – do it!

             Now, sometimes people ask if it’s OK to mix the practices – like the Five Elements and the Level One (or even Level Two) movements. Is it? Yes!

             Just keep in mind, first, that it’s best to focus on either Spring Forest Qigong practices or on other energy-practices, because mixing different systems of energy-work can confuse the body. That doesn’t help healing. And second, while it’s wonderful to practice any Spring Forest Qigong you have time for and to do what you feel is right in the moment, if you can do all the Five Element movements or all the Level One movements in sequence, that’s the best.

             For those who want to start with Level Two or Three or the Higher Vibration (Level Four) retreat – you can! We want you to learn what you need and use it. But don’t forget that more than anything, Qigong learning is about practice. And not only does the information in the courses “build” from Level One “upward,” but the practices in them follow such a sequence that, if you do them step-by-step, usually your understanding will be deeper and your healing more powerful. If you’re coming to Spring Forest Qigong from another system of Qigong or energy-work, that’s just as true for you, too.

             Coming back to Certification – because we are also a licensed school in Minnesota (Energy Healing International) and many of our students are so deeply touched by this Qigong that they want to share it professionally, as a career, – well, that’s a discussion in itself.

             But in terms of Where do I begin?, what we’ve found is that many people feel limited by the challenges of traveling to live classes (which are necessary for Certification) or are daunted by the prospect of what it takes to reach their ultimate goal (like, being a Certified Healer or Instructor). We have an easy answer for both groups.

             Become a Certified Practice Group Leader.

             For that, you only need to purchase and learn the Five Elements course (anyone can do that), take a live Level One class (there are more and more of those, even some online, which almost anyone can do), and take a live Level Two class. Then, you apply for Certification as a Practice Group Leader (all of which is done online).

             Where to start?

             Get Five Elements. Take an online or local Level One class. And practice, practice, practice. Start sharing what you learn, even before Certification. The love and energy you share (and the love and gratitude you get in return) will not only give you the encouragement you need to take a Level Two class (even if you need to travel a little for it), but it will have created a demand for what you have to share once you do become Certified. And that’s exactly the foundation you want to prepare for higher and higher levels of Certification. Do that right, and the rest takes care of itself.

             Whew! All that from a simple question!

             That’s enough, wouldn’t you say? You know what to do now: start somewhere, don’t stop, and always remember: “good, better, best!”


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