Preparing Your Body for Winter



When winter comes, all of the energy of the plants, which are so visible to us in spring and summer, has gone back to the roots, back into the earth. The energy is being stored up now for the next spring to come. Just as the plants are storing and building up their energy during wintertime, we should do the same with our physical bodies.


This is the time to focus more on building your kidney energy. Your kidney energy is the source of your vitality and longevity. Protecting and strengthening your kidneys, your vitality energy, is so important this time of year. It will not only help keep you healthy and strong during winter but will also prepare your body for the more active times of spring and summer.


There are many simple things you can do for your physical body now that will help you strengthen and protect your kidney energy and vitality. The first key is to focus on your back and legs. This will help to keep your kidney energy from being depleted in winter.


To begin with be sure to keep your back and neck covered and warm whenever you go out in the cold. The bladder channel runs down the back and there are many energy points in the back connecting to the kidneys. If the back gets cold then it can hurt not only the kidneys but the energy of the lungs and liver as well.



Soaking Your Feet


Keeping your legs warm in winter is also important. People cover the upper part of the body in winter but don’t pay as much attention to making sure the legs are warm and protected.


This is not a good thing because the legs represent vitality and when the legs get cold in the winter it can drain your vitality energy and lead to health problems when spring comes. These things are especially important for people who have or have had heart problems.


The liver and pancreas energy channels run through the front or back of the knees. The stomach channel and bladder channel run through the knees as well. The knees and heels have many important energy points and the flow of energy can easily become stuck in either area. Obviously, that’s not helpful and the simplest thing you can do to keep this from happening in wintertime is to keep your legs, ankles and feet warm. Just doing that can help to prevent colds and the loss of your vital kidney energy. Simply keeping your back and legs warm is so very beneficial.


Another thing you can do in the evening is to soak your feet in very warm to hot water for 10 to 20 minutes, though not so hot you burn yourself, of course. Soaking your feet can help with good sleep and is especially helpful for people who have kidney, liver or heart problems. It can also help with memory problems.



Strengthen Your Legs



Next, don’t be sedentary. You want to keep your legs as active as you can. Standing with your knees bent while doing your Spring Forest Qigong Active Exercises is a good way to strengthen your legs.


Bouncing, like we do in our classes, is very good for you. You simply stand, bend your knees a little, put your hands over your head and bounce from your knees. Your feet don’t leave the ground; you just gently bounce your body from the knees up and down. This kind of gently bouncing is very good for your kidney energy.



Walking and Getting Some Sun



Walking is also good for your legs and your vitality. It also helps your heart and lungs. Lots of people like to go walking in indoor shopping malls during the winter. Or you can simply walk around your house or up and down stairs in your home or at an office building if you happen to be at one. Walking is a wonderful exercise. Many doctors recommend you walk at least thirty minutes a day, five times a week.


Doing slow, gentle weight lifting can be very helpful as well but do it slowly and don’t push it. Unless you are already practiced at weight lifting use light weights and always be slow and gentle with your movements.


There are several areas of your body you can and should massage to help keep your kidney energy strong this time of year. 


If it’s not too windy outside, try to spend five or ten minutes in the sun each day. Dress warmly, of course, protecting your back, neck and legs from the cold. Put your back to the sun. The sun’s energy will come through your heavy clothing. This is a Taoist practice that is very good for longevity.






Getting enough good sleep is also important for your kidney energy and vitality. Go to bed earlier if you can and get up a little later if you can.


Don’t go to bed when your hair is still wet as that can cause headaches and other problems. In women especially, this can easily lead to headaches and even migraine headache; having wet hair weakens the vitality in the top of the head. If you wash your hair in the morning make sure it’s dry before you go out in the cold.


Your sleeping environment is very important. Limit all light sources and any noises as much as possible when you sleep. Noises and too much light can affect the quality of your sleep. As a result you can wake-up feeling exhausted and anxious instead of well rested and ready to embrace the new day.


Sleeping posture is also important. Sleeping on your stomach is not helpful. You should sleep on your back or your side. In the wintertime, sleep on your right side if you can. This is the most beneficial sleeping posture during winter.


Finally, in the morning when you wake, don’t jump out of bed immediately. Stay in bed for a minute or two with your eyes open.


Maybe do a little exercising in bed. Stretching your body is good. Or try lying on your back, raising your legs and move them like you are riding a bicycle for thirty seconds or so.


Then, sit up slowly and hang your feet over the side of the bed for a minute or so before you put your feet on the floor and get your day going. This is especially beneficial for anyone who has high blood pressure. It’s a great way for anyone to gather their energy. It helps you start your day with your energy balanced and flowing.




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