Qigong & Qi~ssage Tips to Open the Lung Blockage for Better Breathing


Qigong Movement: Breathing of the Universe


The Breathing of the Universe active exercise is especially beneficial for your lungs and breathing system.

If you are not familiar with this movement you can find it in SFQ Fundamentals, the Level One for Health Manual and in Born A Healer.


Helpful Tips Before You Practice:

Breathe slowly, gently, deeply

  • Let your body relax
  • Focus on feeling the energy
  • Do these movements standing, sitting or lying down


How to Practice Breathing of the Universe


As you breathe in, gently draw your abdomen in a little. As you breathe out, let your abdomen out. Breathing this way increases the communication of your yin and yang energies.


Gently place the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Your tongue is an energy switch that connects your body’s two main energy channels.


Keep your hands and fingers open. When you open your hands and fingers, you open your energy channels. When you close your hands and fingers, you close your energy channels.


Breathing of the Universe


This movement is specifically focused to help heal your lungs and skin and balance the energy outside your body as well as inside.



Two Key Qi~ssage Points to Benefit the Lungs


Forearm and Palm


The first energy point to focus on is located on the underside of the forearm about two inches from the wrist joint right in the middle between the two main tendons.

Begin with the left forearm. Press on the point and stimulate in a circular way at least seven times. You can do this longer if you wish.

The next energy point to focus on is located right in the middle of the palm about an inch and a half down from the base of the middle finger. stimulate this point in the same way.

Once you have stimulated these two points on the left forearm and palm do the same for the right forearm and palm.

Working on these energy points benefit the lungs, any lung related issues, the heart and the intestines.


Cupping the Arms


Cupping the inside of the arms from the shoulder down to the wrist is very beneficial for your breathing system.

As we’ve said before your skin is part of your breathing system. The lung energy channel runs through your arm and is very close to the surface on the under side of your arm.

By cupping your arm you are stimulating the lung energy channel and in doing so you open up your sinuses and your lungs take in more air. You can cup your arms while wearing a shirt, of course, but if you can cup bare skin, even the forearms, it is even more beneficial.

You can do this standing or sitting or even lying down. As you cup the arms breathe slowly, gently, deeply and comfortably as this helps to expand your lung capacity.

Always begin with the left arm as this stimulates the brain to produce endorphins that help you relax.

Extend your left arm, palm up. Now pat or cup the inside of your left arm from your shoulder down to your wrist for 10 seconds. And, cup it firmly don’t just tap it. You can do it longer if you have time.

Then extend your right arm, palm up and do the same thing. Cup the inside of your right arm from your shoulder down to your wrist again for at least 10 seconds.

You can do this cupping technique as often as you like. To watch Master Lin demonstrate ‘cupping’ just click on the image below.




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