How to Choose Your Master to Go Deeper into Meditation

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Many have asked us if Spring Forest Qigong is religious. We happily answer, “Nope!” Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ) is a philosophy and a science, and does not necessitate prayer or worship. It is a practice based on tried-and-true results, with a main goal of using energy to heal the body from within. One of the key practices of Spring Forest Qigong is “Calling Upon Your Master’s Energy.” So, what does it mean to choose and call on a Master? Whether you’re practicing Spring Forest Qigong to cultivate your own energy or heal yourself and others, calling upon your Master’s energy will super-charge your own energy. A Master is any higher being with an infinite energy source.


The Master is typically a person who is living or dead. It could be Master Lin, a wise figure from your lineage (your grandma or grandpa), a professor you admire, Jesus, Buddha, Kuan Yin, Mother Teresa, or any of the archangels like Archangel Michael or Archangel Gabriel. It needs to be an entity that you trust and respect, and whose love you feel on a very deep level. Your Master can be a protector throughout your life and also help you make big or small decisions. Your Master is a spiritual guide who has divine power and who is always centered in your heart!


To help you discover who your Master is, get comfortable by sitting on a chair or couch with your spine straightened, or lie on your back to go into a meditation. Take in three deep inhales and exhales, then tell each part of your body to relax (say in your mind, “My right toes are relaxed, my right foot is relaxed, my right ankle is relaxed,” and so on). When you have gone over your entire body and feel very calm and comfortable, focus on your heart center. Imagine a bright, beautiful light filling your heart with warmth and beauty. Now ask yourself: which Master in my lifetime has consistently shown up in my heart, mind, and soul? If more than one Master appears, that’s okay. Bring them all into your heart and then ask: Does this special “someone” have impeccable virtue and high energy? Go through each Master in your mind and hold an image of them in your heart. If one feels more strongly than the others, focus on that energy. If the same Master keeps appearing in your consciousness, then call upon this Master’s energy for help. Surrender your heart in the meditation to your spiritual Master and let him or her guide you wherever he or she wants to take you.


Having a Master brings many blessings, including clarity and the knowing that you are connected to the highest facet of yourself, and of the universe! Being deeply connected to a bright, loving, wholesome, and intelligent source can immensely eradicate doubt and fear! This Master is a part of you, and is connected to your higher mind, higher feelings, and higher spirit, so you can always trust the information you receive from him or her.


A Master can assist you in quick healing, especially if you need relief from anxiety, illness, or chronic pain. At the beginning of your meditation, connect with your Master by letting go of all your concerns. Tell your Master the goal and purpose of this meditation, and then ask your Master to help you with your goal. Your Master will communicate by presenting an image, a memory, a person, place, or thing that needs to be focused on in order for the healing to occur. Sometimes your Master will even speak to you directly through your auditory senses, or in your mind! The more you meditate, the stronger your communication with your Master will be!


Tapping into your Master’s energy is the best way to energize your Qigong practice, to find truth and clarity in your meditations, and to fill your heart with positive, loving light! We wish you and your Master many blessings! Enjoy!


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