Make Your Earth Connection

by Master Chunyi Lin


One of the greatest things about summer is that it’s so easy to connect with Mother Earth. Earth energy is so powerful, so healing and so grounding.

When I was in China I buried my feet in the earth about half a foot deep and I stood there with my toes and feet and ankles buried in the earth and did my standing posture meditation. That feeling is so good!  

Spring Forest Qigong Make Your Earth Connection

You can literally feel the energy coming in through the Bubbling Spring energy point and up the ankles and calves, through the knees and thighs – give it a try it is amazing!  If you’re at the beach dig into the sand that works, too. You can meditate or do your active exercises. The earth energy is so beneficial.  You can just stand there and meditate or you can just sit on the earth or sand. To make a better earth connection, dig yourself a little trench to sit in while you meditate. Open the ground a little bit so you can smell that beautiful earth smell and then you meditate – it is such a wonderfully grounding feeling.

Find time to work in the earth – garden – get your fingers in the dirt. When you dig the ground and smell the qi from the ground, from the earth, it is so very healing. Do Barefoot qigong on the earth outside, if you can. This helps you be more grounded into the earth. When you do so, you visualize your feet are nine feet deep in the earth. Using that visualization is even better. I spend as much time as I can in the spring and summer outside. Whenever I am doing my yard work I am meditating and focusing on my connection with the earth. 

Pulling weeds, watering the plants, all these things help connect you to the earth. The Energy of the Smell of the Earth and growing things is such Healing Energy. Don’t overdo your time outside. I always take plenty of breaks to get out of the sun, rest in the shade, drink plenty of fluids. Always focusing on balance and harmony in making my earth connection. You can wear gloves when you garden or work outside. That is okay. But getting your fingers in the dirt, at least a little, is even better.

Spring Forest Qigong Make Your Earth Connection

Spring Forest Qigong Make Your Earth Connection

If you’re not able to garden that is okay, too. But find time to Smell the dirt, the earth, the plants and flowers. The Smell that comes from the earth and growing things is also so important, so grounding and so healing. Earth Energy helps to calm down your emotions, especially when you smell the smells of the earth, of growing things. Take a Deep Breath and inhale that wonderful smell, that powerful energy.

Almost everything comes from the earth and eventually goes back to the Earth so the Earth Energy is what we need to make everything grounded.

The earth energy supports all the activities you are doing energetically so getting connected with the earth and the smells of the earth is such a great way to build your energy and ground your energy without overdoing. Please give it a try this summer as often as you can.