Fall Season - Transitioning to New Winter Energy


Fall season - Transitioning to new winter energy

On the Chinese calendar there are two special dates between mid-November and mid-December – November 22nd & December 7th.

November 22nd is that date when winter is really coming down and the energy is now stored deeply down solid in the roots in nature. This is the day the energy begins transitioning from fall to winter. By December 7th the transition is complete and winter energy becomes dominant.

Beginning on the 22nd you should start focusing even more to help the body to store energy for the winter. Pay more attention to the kidney energy because winter is kidney energy and we need to focus on restoring the kidney energy, the vitality, so that when spring comes we have enough energy to grow and to function well.

Especially during this period in your meditation, focus more on the lower dantien. The Moving of Yin & Yang is an especially good one during this period. When you do this movement focus more on the lower dantien seeing a beautiful light shining there so brightly.

Drink plenty of fluids, especially warm fluids such as warm water or tea. In the Five Element Theory, water is the element of winter.

If possible don’t stay up too late during this period. If you can, go to bed a little earlier, 9 or 10 o’clock. And, if you can, get up a little later, after the sun comes up. If that’s not possible that is okay, too, but try to do more meditation or the Moving of Ying & Yang with special focus on your lower dantien.