A Special Date - December 22 - Yin & Yang


Yin and Yang are the two basic types of energy. They are polar opposites that come together to create everything in our universe. Yin and Yang are constantly in the process of transitioning, constantly keeping the energy in balance. When one is strongest the other is weakest and this happens only twice each year. One of those times happens this month. The Lunar calendar tells us that on December 22nd this year yin energy becomes its strongest while yang is at its weakest. From this day, yang energy starts coming back as the never-ending cycle continues.

Special Yin Yang Energy on December 22

Especially on the 22nd if you can, do lots of meditation. Since yin and yang are each at opposite points this day it is a great time to meditate. This is a very powerful switching point so when you do a meditation on this day you help yourself get more energy and balance your energy quicker.

The yang energy is very weak on this day. It is like a teeny baby just ready to be born. It is weak so you need to protect it. So on that day, do not do a lot of exercise and get sweaty. This over activates your yang, which is much too delicate and weak now. Don’t eat spicy food on this day and don’t have sex either. Your yang energy is just too delicate.

One of the key points from Chinese longevity philosophy is that people who have sex on that day will take longer to build up their yang energy for the spring because it weakens the body so tremendously.

In fact, in China on that day, qigong masters, tai chi masters, martial arts masters and others who are greatly knowledgeable and paying great attention to longevity don’t do anything on that day. They simply stay home and have something warm to relax, celebrate the day and be happy.

Of course, not everyone can do this. Not everyone even knows this. Not even every master knows it but people who do are very careful to honor and protect their yang energy on that day. By doing so they help the yang energy to grow and help the body to balance.




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