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Opening Energy Channels through Touch

...The Power of Stimulating Key Energy Points


Chunyi Lin created Qi~ssage to provide you with another simple yet very powerful technique to help you achieve and maintain optimal health, wellness, and healing.

Qi~ssage focuses on balancing and enhancing the flow of energy through the body's energy channels, or meridians, in part through the power of our mind, or your visualization, and most importantly, the unconditional love from your heart.


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  • One Illustrated Manual
  • One Instruction DVD
  • One Follow Along Audio CD

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There are twelve major energy channels in your body and hundreds of energy points all over your body. Each of these points affects the balance and flow of your body’s energy; however, only a couple dozen of these energy points are vitally important in helping you heal and in helping you experience and maintain your optimal health and wellness. In the Qi~ssage Learning Course, or in a Qi~ssage class, you will learn how to stimulate these key energy points. You will also learn that stimulating them in a specific order will provide even greater benefit.



  • Relieve stress
  • Release tension
  • Relax the entire body
  • Energize the body and mind
  • Enhance and balance the flow of energy and much, much more….



For physical therapists, trainers, and other health professionals: Qi~ssage provides a new and powerful dimension to your practice and, most importantly, brings greater benefits to your clients. Once you have learned the Qi~ssage technique, you can cover all of the basic Qi~ssage points from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet in 15 minutes or less. Of course, you can take all the time you want, but in just 15 minutes your clients can experience an amazing difference.



Chunyi designed Qi~ssage to be simple enough for anyone to learn and put to use right away. You can do Qi~ssage for yourself, your spouse, your children, your friends--for anyone. Qi~ssage can be a great way to connect with your family and friends and to help you unwind, relax, and relieve stress at the end of the day or anytime.



Getting Started with the Qi~ssage Learning Course

Step 1: Watch the DVD. Chunyi Lin provides you with a complete understanding of the Qi~ssage principles and takes you through the Qi~ssage technique step-by-step and point-by-point, from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet.

Step 2: Review the manual. The manual is fully illustrated and provides the perfect reference for each of the Qi~ssage movements, point by point. The manual also provides a list of the Qi~ssage benefits for each specific area of the body.

Step 3: Now that you understand the principles and movements of Qi~ssage, begin using Qi~ssage for yourself and for others so you can experience the benefits. You can follow along with the DVD, manual, or the CD to guide you and improve your Qi~ssage techniques. The more you use Qi~ssage, the better you will become at using it to open energy blockages, relax and rejuvenate the body, and enhance the flow of energy in the body and mind.

Step 4: Listen to the CD. The audio instructions on the CD provide an additional dimension for your Qi~ssage training and practice. Chunyi Lin guides you through the Qi~ssage movements, point by point, with the instructions for each body area on a separate track for easy access.



Dave Dennison

David & David Productions, Minneapolis, MN

"I’ve been a professional camera person for many years, carrying large professional video cameras around on my shoulder, along with all the other gear needed in video production. Needless to say, it can take a toll on the body. While shooting the Qi~ssage demonstrations for Chunyi Lin’s latest video, my forearms started to weaken after several hours of holding the camera over people undergoing Qi~ssage.

Chunyi noticed how I was struggling and experiencing pain and during a break in the “action” devoted some attention to me. After just a few minutes of Qi~ssage, my forearms were back, good as new, and I was able to regain the energy needed to get through the rest of the shoot.

It was really striking. My forearms had become so weak and I was experiencing so much pain, I was very concerned I wouldn’t be able to finish the day. But after just a few minutes of Chunyi’s Qi~ssage I have to say my forearms felt energized.

The massages I’ve had took much longer and were wonderful. They worked well, too. But it was the speed of the Qi~ssage that seems to really set it apart. I have to say I was amazed. Now if I could just have a personal “Qi~sseuse” on every shoot!"

– Dave Dennison, David & David Productions, Minneapolis, MN


Jim Nance, Spring Forest Qigong Master

Spring Forest Qigong Master

“One of the things I noticed from my experience is that when Chunyi hit a point where I had a blockage I really could feel it. So many times I talk to people who question where the blockages are in their bodies, after doing this, you know. It’s just clear where you need to work, where the blockages are. It’s also equally clear that if you work the area in the right way you’ll release that energy and a healthy flow of energy will return to the area. I really experienced that with this Qi~ssage.”

 – Jim Nance, Spring Forest Qigong Master







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