The Master’s Energy

Outer chaos, inner calmness, and healing 

Master Glenn Tobey

Addressing your emotional response to the pandemic.

March 20, 2020 



Over the last sessions, I have talked about sadness and fear, and how to counter that. I’ve talked about the purpose. Where the mind goes, the energy goes. The energy goes where the mind goes. The interplay when to believe is so important. Yesterday I talked about the signature who are you, what’s your reputation, and the power of your own energy is so incredibly important.  There were conversations in the media about going to war. And the idea, the virus is not a war. It's not trying to make that an enemy. It's not trying to give that a stronger entity. But it’s trying to work with that connected energy that so important. Rising above that and seeing what you can do. 


Today, I just want to spend a minute or two to talk about the master’s energy. Master Lin always talks about calling upon your master’s energy. The master has done a lot of work of unconditional love, has achieved the higher vibration so that the master invites you up into that beautiful loving, kind, and unconditional love energy. It also helps you download the information that the master has from the universe. It's a two-way cocreation. Your master invites you up to create that connection. And the master downloads the information to you.  


It may come like an email. It may come as you walk down the street. It may come by just noticing things. But the information you need will come from a stronger and more loving place. Finding a way connecting with that master.  


In my life over the years of the master’s energy is that they always hold themselves countable. They always work on having the clarity of work, the loving energy. They don’t come down so to speak. They don’t go down to the misery, the reality, because they know that is not the place where healing is. They invite you up. The leadership so to speak. It's different than a kind of leadership that seems going on in our area, in our community, in our country perhaps. Maybe globally. The leadership that invites you up to a higher level of truth. Invite you up into a higher level of love and caring. Invite you up into a connection as oppose to the energy, the vibration of deceit, the energy of distrust, the energy of doubt and question.  


So, I ask you to do the connection to the master as a way not getting away from the reality, but to be able to understand and see the reality in a more pure form, and to know that you are not alone. You are always connected to the master.  


This idea of letting go of the master. No. Calling upon the master for certain things; but know that the master always lives inside of you. I would recommend you strongly that you do the Butterfly meditation. What I call the Butterfly meditation is a no doubt meditation. The leadership of the Butterfly meditation is, “Your channels open, open, open.” No doubt. At the end of the meditation, when Master Lin says, “You are completely healed.” No doubt. 


When you connect to the master, to master’s energy, to master’s love, no doubt. Connect to that perception of love which is so powerful and so healing. Try that Butterfly meditation often. Hear it without no doubt. Hear that higher level of master.  




Qigong Master Glenn Tobey




Master Glenn Tobey

Master Glenn Tobey, M. Div., M. A. in Management, is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in private practice in Duluth, Minnesota.

He has almost forty years of experience in the Human Service field and has worked in both urban and rural settings, and values the collaborative community-based model.

He has also taught at the college level, and conducted numerous SFQ workshops and trainings in various community settings. Glenn continues to teach and to share his knowledge and wisdom of Spring Forest Qigong which is at the center of both his professional focus and his personal passion. 

Glenn is a member of the SFQ teaching team. He teaches Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Instructor Certification, and other workshops.





Teaching in Master Chunyi Lin's Tradition


Qigong Master Chunyi Lin

My life mission is to create "A Healer in Every Home and a World without Pain and Suffering." I am very grateful for Master Glenn Tobey for sharing Spring Forest Qigong in his community and helping achieve this vision.
-Chunyi Lin, Qigong Grandmaster, The Founder and Creator of Spring Forest Qigong



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