Outer chaos, inner calmness, and healing 

Master Glenn Tobey

Addressing your emotional response to the pandemic.

March 18, 2020 



Today’s focus is about purpose. So much is going on in so many different directions. So much things to think about. I start to think about myself in one way, about really what is my purpose? There are so many directions I am going now. I am looking at what is the highest vibration by which I can conduct my life. It does bring me back to the sense of purpose.  


Master Lin talked about that so often in his teaching is – having a purpose. Where the mind goes the energy goes. Where is the sense of purpose, direction, any energy lies up to support that.  As I thought about my words today, I look at my own purposes which I narrow down to three  One is teaching and sharing. Another is to grow. The third is to continue spiritual development. When one is inspired so many things to do, this really fits one of my purpose – always to teach, always to share. 


What I share with you, it doesn’t mean as much as “Am I pursuing my purpose?” Without pursuing my purpose to teach or share, without pursuing my purpose to always grow, to look at what’s going on, to look at my spiritual development, my understanding things at a higher level, that won’t help my overall purpose. Of course, I hope the words I share with you, also valuable to you.  But having that purpose, re-inviting my purpose, can preventing me from getting lost. So many ways I can go in terms of what’s going on. I can find myself getting lost from what I am doing.  


One of the ways Master Lin explains the purpose, once he gave an example like going to the Home Depot or a big hardware store or a large supermarket. When you go to either one of these big places, everything in the store is important. But not everything is important to your life. So you should go there with a special purpose.  Right now, so much is going on. Some of the frantic, panic feeling is going on. You can go to the stores and just start clearing shelves and loading up the cart with all sorts of things. But you really don’t have a purpose. Then it really doesn’t do you any good.  


Yes, you can have some immediate kind of panic purpose of buying. A little bit around survival. That’s understandable. But to get lost of your large purpose, then it is more harmful on your vibration level. When you go to these stores, you always think, “What is my purpose being here?” Then when you are making other decisions throughout the week now, or the next week or the next month, you are going to be understanding, “What is my purpose? What is my higher purpose? Or what is my medium purpose?” It could be a little shift now. I want to be kind to my neighbors. I want to reach out to others. I want to send out as much as I can for the purpose of – Fill in the blank.  


Sometimes when I work with people who have cancer, I ask them what their purpose is. He said, “I just don’t want to die.” That is not a high vibration level. That’s full of fear. If they say, “I want to survive so that I can serve other people like my grandchildren.” That vibration is higher because of the purpose. There is a depth of meaning, depth of vibration.  


So, I want you to think during these times really what is your purpose, not just the immediate purpose of survival. What is your long-lasting purpose? For me to teach, for me to keep on growing, for me to develop my spiritual life better.  For example, if I quarantine for 14 days, how does that impact my purpose? Maybe I research more in order to teach when I can. Or make phone calls to share with others information. I may look up stuff that I can continue to grow. Then try to understand in a spiritual way what is going on, what is happening here that is so powerful. 


When you look at some news report what is going on. How some of the traumas, some of the crisis has happened before. You don’t want to be tied in that trauma, sadness when this happens again. When will this be over? Or will this be over?  Come back to your purpose. Come back to your sense of meaning of life is. One of the movements in Spring Forest Qigong, the second movement, is about joy. It really is about your purpose of life. Your purpose of life provides joy for yourself. So, work on that heart energy.  


What is the meaning of life? What is going on? That’s one thing. Oh, I have this joy about life. Happiness about no reason at all. Feed and fill in the heart.  Please, take a minute or two to look at your own purpose. Get align with this where the energy goes. The energy goes where the mind goes. And you want the energy to follow your purpose in life. Think deeply and love deeply. Thank you! 




Qigong Master Glenn Tobey




Master Glenn Tobey

Master Glenn Tobey, M. Div., M. A. in Management, is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in private practice in Duluth, Minnesota.

He has almost forty years of experience in the Human Service field and has worked in both urban and rural settings, and values the collaborative community-based model.

He has also taught at the college level, and conducted numerous SFQ workshops and trainings in various community settings. Glenn continues to teach and to share his knowledge and wisdom of Spring Forest Qigong which is at the center of both his professional focus and his personal passion. 

Glenn is a member of the SFQ teaching team. He teaches Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Instructor Certification, and other workshops.





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Qigong Master Chunyi Lin

My life mission is to create "A Healer in Every Home and a World without Pain and Suffering." I am very grateful for Master Glenn Tobey for sharing Spring Forest Qigong in his community and helping achieve this vision.
-Chunyi Lin, Qigong Grandmaster, The Founder and Creator of Spring Forest Qigong



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