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Spring Forest Qigong Qi~Talk at the Open Community Meeting


Monthly Free Event at the Healing Center



Every month, a guest speaker will give a Qi~talk, sharing insights, tips, and applications for Spring Forest Qigong practice

Practice Qigong Movements & Meditation

Guided by an advanced SFQ practitioner. Enhance and intensify your body's Qi flow and increased energy vibration when practice Qigong in a group.

Private Qigong Healing Session

Receiving private one-on-one Qigong healing session individually, remove and rebalance the body's energy blockages.

Healing Circle

Group healing the Spring Forest Qigong style in the circle of love



Join Us at Open Community Meeting


The open community meeting is free for everyone to join.  You can come to practice Spring Forest Qigong movements and meditations and sign up for private individual healing session, all free of charge.


2019 Open Community Meeting Schedule

January 5 - Speaker Rong Li | Sound, Vibration, Chanting, and Healing
February 2 - Speaker Master Chunyi Lin | The Energy of Year 2019
March 2 - Speaker Master Gadu | The Heart of Giving
April 6 - Speaker Debra Lin | The Power of Dantian
May 4 - Speaker Master Jerry W. | Story Listening and Spring Forest Qigong
June 1 - Speaker Master Katrina Tobey | Joy to the World! The Gifts of Summer and It's Heart Energy
July 13 - Speaker James Bryer | Liberate Your Love Nature
August 3 - Speaker Master Jaci Gran
September 7 - Speaker Master Chunyi Lin
October 5 - Speaker Master Gadu
November 2 - Speaker Master Jerry W.
December 7 - Speaker Master Jaci Gran

Join Us at this Action Packed Free Event


9:00 - 10:00 - Qi~talk by the Speaker

10:00 - 10:30 - Qigong Movements/Meditation

10:30 - 10:45 - Break

10:45 - 11:30 - Group Healing in the Healing Circle

11:30 - Noon - Individual Private Qigong or Qi~ssage Healing Sessions


Anyone who wants to come for a healing experience or just to relax and have fun with other group members and friends is welcome. This is one of the many ways we give our love back to our community.



Spring Forest Qigong Healing Center Location

Spring Forest Qigong Healing Center
7520 Market Place Drive, Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Spring Forest Qigong Healing Center



Watch the Qi~Talk Video


Want to learn Qigong, the knowledge, the practice, and application to wellness? Anywhere you live in the world, as long as you have internet connection, you can watch Qi~Talk videos every month.

To gain access to the Qi~talk video and tap into the wisdoms of Qigong masters, all you need to do is sign up to be a Vitality Member for free. When the video is ready at the beginning of each month, we will send you a notification so you don't miss the wonderful teachings from advanced Spring Forest Qigong practitioners.


Sample Qi~Talk Video



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Qi~Talk Videos

Monthly Qi~talk videos, where SFQ Guest Speakers and Qigong Masters share their wisdom and beautiful energy.




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Apply to be a Guest Speaker at the Open Community Meeting


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