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Master Chunyi Lin created Spring Forest Qigong to fulfill his vision of "A healer in every home and a world without pain and suffering.".  Spring Forest Qigong has been working toward this vision since 1995.


Spring Forest Qigong provides people throughout the world with the knowledge and tools to experience and share the beautiful and powerful fact that each and every one of us is born a healer with the natural ability to help ourselves to heal and to help others to heal, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

We accomplish this through:

  • Empowering individuals to understand themselves in a deeper level to realize they do have the power to heal themselves and to help others to heal

  • Teaching modern applications of ancient wisdom to enrich people’s lives and provide them with the knowledge, techniques and support to put their natural healing abilities to use

  • Assisting individuals in opening their hearts and discovering their inner creative power to transform and to heal

  • Promoting a nurturing environment of continuous improvement

  • Encouraging everyone to fulfill their true potential

  • Developing new, innovative approaches for wellness improvement

  • Establishing Spring Forest Qigong as a global community in service to each other and our world

  • Demonstrating there is no wrong way to practice Spring Forest Qigong exercises and meditations, we follow the principle that everything you do in your practice is Good, Better, Best


  • Love

  • Kindness

  • Forgiveness

  • Compassion

  • Peace

  • Harmony

  • Being proactive versus reactive

  • Accepting each person as they are

  • Creating a positive atmosphere which allows people to flourish in a healthy, supportive environment


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