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Qigong Master Katrina Tobey has a lifelong career emphasis on creating and developing innovative community-based healing programs, especially with underserved and vulnerable people. Examples of her advocacy and development work include programs for young people at risk for suicide and other violence; community advocacy programs addressing domestic violence; treatment program for persons convicted of sexual crimes; community support programs to facilitate mothers suffering from addictions to have access to treatment opportunities for themselves and their children; advocacy for victims of sexual assault. She believes that education is the key to safer and healthier families and communities. She is a valued presenter in community forums, higher education, as a clinical supervisor for other therapists, and with Spring Forest Qigong.

Katrina has been practicing Spring Forest Qigong since 2005 because Master Lin’s vision “A Healer in Every Family and A World Without Pain and Suffering” is also her purpose in life. She has been active in helping create Spring Forest teaching programs since 2007. She also has presented with Master Lin in workshops focusing on Forgiveness, Emotional Healing, Intensive Healing. In 2015, she was granted the title of Qigong Master by Master Lin, the highest award honoring a Spring Forest Qigong practitioner. She is also a Master Teacher and Healer, and as a faculty member of Energy Healing International, she is responsible for co-developing and teaching curriculum for Energy Healing International’s certification programs. She also teaches Spring Forest Qigong Level 1, 2, 3, and Qi~ssage.

The teachings of Spring Forest Qigong are the foundation by which she lives her life as a Psychologist, a Family Therapist and in all her Mothering roles! Everyday she is eternally grateful to Master Lin and the Spring Forest community for healing the world!





Qigong Master Katrina Tobey demonstrating Spring Forest Qigong with spontaneous movements.

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