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Qigong Master Katrina Tobey


Spring Forest Qigong Master Katrina Tobey

Master Katrina Tobey, L.P. has been a licensed psychologist since 1990 and a marriage and family therapist since 1998, with a devotion to being with persons experiencing grief and trauma.


She loves her connection with Spring Forest Qigong! She learned many healing ways over the years, so when the teachings of Spring Forest Qigong came into her life she knew this was the path she would follow.  She is so grateful for Master Lin, SFQ teachings and our loving SFQ community!


Katrina is a member of the SFQ teaching team. She teaches Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Instructor Certification, and other workshops.





Teaching by Master Katrina Tobey - Living the Goodness of Life

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Master Katrina Tobey offers live Qigong workshops, Online seminars, and teaches at our Qigong retreats. Click on the button below to view a list of her public teaching events.


Master Katrina Tobey's Teaching Schedule

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Master Katrina Tobey is available for speaking at conferences, private events, or interview with Media or Press, please contact:


+1 952-593-5555





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