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Master Gadu Schmitz (Katsushi F. Schmitz)

Master Gadu Schmitz (Katsushi F. Schmitz) has been practicing Spring Forest Qigong since 2008, and was awarded Qigong Master in 2017 by Master Chunyi Lin.  He resonates deeply with Master Lin’s motto: “Everyone is born a healer” and he brings Spring Forest Qigong to communities where empowerment is needed. He currently works at Spring Forest Qigong Healing Center personally chosen by the creator and founder of Spring Forest Qigong Grand Master Chunyi Lin as a staff healer.

Master Gadu’s favorite thing about the healing process is to see the beautiful hope and confidence that his clients leave with after a session. “I am grateful for the understanding and energy of Qigong which empowers others to heal and live full of hope and joy.”

Gadu graduated from the University of MN with a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics.

He is a dancer/choreographer in the Twin Cities where he has been sharing his creativity for over 20 years. He teaches and performs Subbody Butoh locally and internationally and is a Tao Shiatsu Level 1 practitioner.

Gadu is a member of the SFQ teaching team. He teaches Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Certification classes, Animal Healer, Qi~ssage, and other workshops.

Qigong Healing Appointment

To make an appointment for Gadu's Qigong or Qi~ssage healing treatment, please contact 952-593-5555 or email

Live Teaching Event

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Clients/Students Comments

Dear Gadu, Thank you so much for teaching the Level One class. As a result, I've been practicing qi gong, have been amazed by times of having more energy and have had hope that the medical situations with which I'm dealing can become better. I'm starting my 100 Days of Qi Gong today.
--Nita S


I found that my experience in Qigong with Gadu very helpful, especially in respect to my problems with balance both physically and mentally.My experience with energy balancing was a revelation.
--Marion K.


I always leave Gadu's qigong healing circle in better spirits than when I arrive. Also, I enjoy his smooth calming voice through out the session, which comforts me with a sense of peace. Gadu eloquently takes his time with each of the exercises which in turn enhances my ability to slow down and feel the healing energy flowing through me. Each time he will add some new excerises for us to try and inform us of it's meaning. I find Gadu very informative about the healing techniques of qigong and am so grateful that I am able to learn from him on my healing journey.


Gadu radiates such an energetic heart I couldn’t help but feel him sharing his spirit in a powerful and caring way with me. The positive healing energy moving in the room supported my goal of achieving overall health and wellness; mind, body & soul. Previously, I have had challenges meditating. Learning techniques of Spring Forest Qigong with Master Gadu has simplified the process and made it more enjoyable which has given me self-confidence in my personal practice.
-- Lisa A.

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