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Spring Forest Qigong Five Element Healing Movements

~ For Self Healing


Learn Spring Forest Qigong online from anywhere in the world, anytime, with any devices! 


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These movements are designed to help your body heal. They are based on the five elements - wood, fire, earth, metal, and water - and integrate ancient Chinese healing wisdom. Master Chunyi Lin developed these to empower you and to give you a more complete approach to heal yourself.

Revolutionary Qigong Movements for Modern Living Style

Ancient Chinese healers found that the energy flow of our five major organs and their related channels are directly affected by our emotions. Negative imbalanced emotions will create energy blockages in our energy channels.

Consequently, your positive emotions are very powerful and also affect your energy channels. When used in conjunction with each of these new Spring Forest Qigong Five Element Healing Movements, they will greatly enhance and balance the flow of your body's energy.

Benefits of the Movements

These new movements, which took years of developing and draw upon Master Lin’s decades of Qigong training and teaching, have many benefits including:

  • Help you break away from negative imbalance emotions
  • Help you remove energy blockages in your body
  • Prevent energy blockages from forming in your body
  • Help you experience optimal health.

What is in the Five Element Healing Movements?:

  • Preparation for Your Mind, Body, and Spirit
  • Movement #1: Moving of Yin & Yang
  • Movement #2: Breathing of the Universe
  • Movement #3: Connecting with Heaven & Earth
  • Movement #4: Connecting with Your Body's Energy
  • Movement #5: Connecting with Your Heart's Energy
  • Harvesting of Qi

What is Included in Your Purchase?

  • Unlimited Streaming Access to the Five Element Healing Movements instructed and guided by Master Chunyi Lin
  • Downloadable Guided Practice MP3 for practice on the go!
  • Downloadable Five Element Healing Movements E-Book


You will be sent an email for access to the digital library to learn Spring Forest Qigong Five Element Healing Movements online.

Add to cart $127

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