The Energy of Food


Knowing the Energy of Food is a wonderful way of opening your intuition and receiving your inner voice that speaks and guides. In Spring Forest Qigong, we teach you ways to know the genius inside you and open to the most power force in the universe, your unconditional love and pure energy.


In the same way you do Qigong, by gently moving energy in your body to balance and heal, there is also a way of moving and balancing energy through food. We call it Qi-fully eating. Consciously eating. Listening to your body. Listening to your heart. Connecting to all your 6 Senses. Knowing what your body is asking for.


The best diet you can have is your own diet. Why listen to someone else when you receive messages from your body all the time. Your Body knows exactly what it wants and what it needs every moment of your life. Tune in. Heal. Live Well. Love all.