A Pear a Day...


There is an old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” But this time of year, pears are the thing. Pears are very good for fall. Eat them raw or steamed. Pears help with the lungs and throat. They help with your tongue, help with thirst and help with any toxins in the lung and skin. If you eat 1 or 2 pears a day they can be very beneficial for your health this time of year.


For those who have lots of coughing, steamed pear with brown sugar to your taste can help even better to clear your coughing. Steamed pears are also good for relieving anxiety or frustration, and they can help with red eye or puffy eye. And they can be helpful in relieving constipation.


If you enjoy apples you may want to cut back on them in autumn. Apples are especially good for you in summer but in autumn you should cut back on apples eating maybe just one small apple a day.


Spinach is always good. This time of year carrots and white carrots are very good for you and also white mushrooms. This is the season for gathering nuts and walnuts are very good for you now because this is lung season. A couple of handfuls of walnuts a day are very good for the lungs and in helping prepare your energy for the fall.


As for cooking style this time of year, have more steamed or stir fried food. Generally it is better to avoid deep fried food. This is especially true in autumn. In autumn, lung energy is becoming dominant and too much yang energy is too dry which is not good, especially in early autumn because lung energy is very fragile. Right now yang energy in food is not good for you and deep fried food is yang.


This season lotus root and lotus seeds are wonderful for you. They have the best energy this time of year because all of the energy has gone to the root so have lots of lotus root and lotus seeds. They are very good for your lungs.


Blackberries are also very good for your lungs and throat. Your throat can get dry easily in fall.


This time of year try not to eat when your body is not ready. And try not to eat too much cold food or drink cold drinks because cold food and drink are more likely to create diarrhea at this time of year.


Instead drink warm things and eat more warm food this time of year. That is best.