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The Power of Pears


The pear is a gift from nature to keep lung energy strong and prevent dryness. Pears lubricate the throat and lungs and help dissolve phlegm and cough. You can eat them ripe and raw, juice them, stew or poach them in clean spring water.


Diabetics watching their sugar intake can stew or poach pears with proteins and add other vegetables like turnips and squash.


If you or a loved one experiences night coughing and clear sputum, then eating cooked pear is best. Pears also help your large intestine in many beneficial ways. The insoluble fibers in pears help keep your colon clean. Their high level of pectin, citric acid and malic acid aid in digestion and help prevent bloating and discomfort from gas. They are also wonderful for heart health. Since ancient times, pears have shown to help with regulating high blood pressure. Pears are a good source of an essential trace mineral, cooper. Cooper is required for development and growth of your body’s organs and tissues and is also essential for healthy muscle function.


Pears have lignins that are like molecular Velcro that trap cholesterol molecules in the intestine before they enter the bloodstream. Lignins are too large to pass through the intestinal wall so they take cholesterol with them in the stool to be eliminated. Lignins are an organic substance that bind the cells of a fruit or vegetable and make it crunchy.


Pear juice, is moisturizing and is also mildly diuretic if you hold excess water in the body. They assist in removing uric acid and other acidic toxins from your body. As pears mildly detoxify and cleanse, you can see the difference in clearer skin. The potassium in pears helps to alkalize your blood. Riboflavin (vitamin B-2), in pears is the principal growth promoting factor in the entire vitamin B complex. B-2 helps prevent skin lesions as well as cracks that can occur at the corners of the mouth if there is a deficient in B-2.


Aside from all these benefits, pears are a good source of the master antioxidant, glutathione. Glutathione helps correct high blood pressure, hypertension and stroke as well as fortify your immune system. It is one simply amazing fruit!


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