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Summer Season - Preparing Your Body to Transition from Yang to Yin Energy


Summer is Yang energy, Fire energy, as we’ve written about before. The yang energy builds to a point where it peaks and then starts to diminish and Yin energy begins increasing.

In the Chinese calendar, July 22 is a very special day. It is the hottest day of the year, the absolute peak of summer’s Fire energy.

From July 22 on is a great time to focus on cleansing the extra heat energy from the body and preparing yourself for the Yin energy to grow.

It’s a wonderful time to meditate and welcome the changes in your body – preparing your body for a new cycle. As I mentioned in the “Set Your Sights on the Moon” article, doing the Moon Meditation during this period of time is especially helpful.


To get the most benefit out of this time, adjusting your diet is very helpful also. You can help adjust the heat in your body with cooling foods that moisten and balance your body’s energy.

Drink more water. Fluids, such as green tea and some juices are helpful but nothing helps the body more than pure clean water. Another yin drink is the water of young coconuts. In the hottest part of summer, it is beneficial to eat foods that have a cooling energy.

Fatty foods and food that that is deep-fried should be avoided. They create heat in the body and are not cooling.

Eat more Yin energy foods.


Here’s a list of Yin energy foods to select from:

During these times of transition the energy is more powerful so it is really important and so helpful to focus even more on keeping your energy balanced to make the transition easier and more beneficial for you.


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