Fall Season - Entering Autumn's Metal Energy


Have you ever noticed that the leaves of autumn are the colors of the sun? As the life force is drawn back to the roots of Mother Nature’s creation, so too, your vital energy does the same in preparation for winter. Your body is in a rhythm that mirrors Mother Nature. During the hot days of summer, you are keeping your body cool and eating cooling foods. The Qi, the vital life force in your body, expands yang energy outward and upward. In late summer, as in Indian summer, as we move into autumn, earth energy helps ground high yang energy in our small Universe.

Remember high yang energy moves outward and upward. As the season gets cooler and dryer, just like Mother Nature, naturally draw high yang life force down into you and nurture water and moisture within you.

This Qi, your vital life force, is moisture in the form of liquid that protects, nurtures, and lubricates all your body’s tissues and organs. Your body’s blood is the material moisture that is the great carrier of all essential nutritional components to create bones, nerves, skin, muscles, and organs.

As earth generates metal and metal is mined in the earth, so, in the fall, the energy moves down and inward, supporting the kidney energy providing your body water in the dryness of the season.


The METAL element is associated with the harvest of the autumn season, of taking in and letting go. Metal corresponds to the Lung and Large Intestine energy channels, the color white, and the emotions of sadness or inspiration. During autumn, many people review what goals and vision they seeded in the spring that grew in their life over the summer months. Autumn is a time for examination and correction so that you harvest your deepest heart’s desires that serve you well ~ that serve your life and this planet.

As you practice qigong each day to balance your energy, you will sense a deeper feeling – a desire for what is pure and often spiritual. Moving into metal energy, you may feel you want to set the highest standards for yourself as well as honor and respect yourself and others. If energy is not balanced in the body and inner examination with unconditional love for self is not done, then sometimes people live in a sense of what could have been. When you move your energy each day, doing qigong, you balance the yin and yang energy within you to be in harmony with yourself, others and the seasons.

One of the ways you can help balance and ground your energy and nurture moisture in your body, at this time of the year, is to eat foods that express this Qi.