Lotus Seed & Black Sesame Seed Drink




This drink is great for the lungs and nurturing of the kidneys

Serves: 1-2 (it will be good for one week)



  • ½ C black sesame seeds
  • 1 C lotus seeds
  • ½ C mung beans
  • ½ C adzuki beans
  • ½ C black beans
  • ½ C walnuts
  • 1 C kelp
  • 1 tangerine (use the full peel of the tangerine only, not the fruit)



  1. Soak all the beans and seeds covered in water for 24 hours and drain
  2. Soak the walnuts and kelp covered in water for 6 hours and drain
  3. Put all the beans, seeds, walnuts, kelp and tangerine peel in a large pan and put enough water in it to cover ingredients. Cook until it boils and then turn it down to simmer for one hour.
  4. Remove from heat.
  5. Cool down the mixture and put it all into a blender including whatever water is left. Refrigerate.
  6. If you have this for breakfast you can add a little sea salt to taste. If you have this later in the afternoon or for dinner, you can add a little brown sugar or honey to taste.




***If you like, you can also add a tsp. of olive oil which is so good for the skin during fall season




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