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Goji Lotus Drink


BENEFITS: Liver, Lungs, and Thyroid

Serving size: small bowl
Serves: 4 — enough for three days apiece

1 cup Lotus root chopped
1 cup of Kelp chopped: (soak for 6 hours and then dump water)
1 cup goji berries
½ cup Mung beans: (soak for 24 hours and then dump water)
½ cup Lotus seed: (soak for 24 hours and then dump water)
½ cup of peanuts with their skin: (soak for 24 hours and then dump water)

After all the soaking and chopping of ingredients, put all of it into a pot of water (1 gallon or a little more if needed) and bring to a boil

After water has boiled, turn down the heat to low and let cook for another ½ hour

Keep the water this has cooked in

Add brown sugar to taste

After it has cooled down, put in a blender and then refrigerate

It makes enough for 4 people using small bowls for three days apiece

You can have it cold or slightly warmed. Enjoy!


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