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Master Lin's Autumn Pear Tea

In this recipe you can use standard pears or Asian pears. Makes 3 Servings.

American Ginseng and Chinese Dates Tea

BENEFITS: This is good for improving immune function and overall health. It can also be taken daily for recovery after illness.

Healthy Balanced Fried Rice

BENEFITS: Nutritional recipe assisting the body to be vigorous.

Pine Nut Pesto

BENEFITS: Pine nuts are good for the digestive system, kidney energy, and also help relieve coughing with mucus.

Recipe for Strengthening Vitality
Benefit: Kidney energy in winter

Spinach Salad

BENEFITS: Good for calming down the extra heat of the chest energy. It is grounding with earth energy.

Lotus Seed & Black Sesame Seed Drink

BENEFITS: This drink is great for the lungs and nurturing of the kidneys

Goji Lotus Drink

BENEFITS: Liver, Lungs, and Thyroid

Red Bean / White Mushroom Drink

BENEFITS: This drink helps protect the lungs, helps the liver, pancreas congestion and assists bowel movements. It also helps take the acidic heat out of the system assisting swelling in the body to go down.

Classic Mung Bean Soup

BENEFITS: This soup cools down the liver and pancreas. It helps take care of the acidic heat from the wetness of the summer. it can be a regular soup or a dessert soup.

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