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Water in Winter

Water is the key to all life on our planet. Without water, life on earth simply wouldn’t be possible. Our bodies are more than seventy percent water and water is crucial to nearly all our bodily functions.

Fall Season - Entering Autumn's Metal Energy

Have you ever noticed that the leaves of autumn are the colors of the sun? As the life force is drawn back to the roots of Mother Nature’s creation, so too, your vital energy does the same in preparation for winter.

Transition to Fall Season - Earth Energy Grounding and Nourishing

As this season of summer closes and the Fall Equinox is just one month away, you are feeling what is called ‘the highest yang’ of the year in your small Universe.

Summer Season - Preparing Your Body to Transition from Yang to Yin Energy

Summer is Yang energy, Fire energy, as we’ve written about before. The yang energy builds to a point where it peaks and then starts to diminish and Yin energy begins increasing.

Summer Season - The Joy of Fire Energy

June is a month of transition. The life force is very strong this time of year and nature puts it to good use.

Summer Food Energy - Balancing Yang Heat With Yin Food

One big way we live in harmony during the summer is to eat mindfully. When it is very hot, we eat cooling foods. Just as we intuitively feel it is best to practice qigong as the sun rises and sets in summer we also know it is best to balance our practice with rest when the sun is hot at high noon.

Great Foods for Summer Energy

Chinese nutrition focuses on the energetic properties of food. For example some foods are considered warming and others cooling.

Benefits of Vinegar

The benefits of vinegar have been heralded for centuries. Recent scientific research has shown the health benefits of vinegar to be very promising for several conditions.

Preparing Your Diet for Spring

In March, the spring energy is getting stronger and stronger. This is the time your liver energy is starting to become most prominent.

Spring Food Energy - Eat Green & Eat Light

After spending so much time indoors during winter we want to – and need to – get outdoors and be active. All that activity makes us want to eat more. That’s fine, if we eat the right things.


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