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The Energy of Food

Knowing the Energy of Food is a wonderful way of opening your intuition and receiving your inner voice that speaks and guides. In Spring Forest Qigong, we teach you ways to know the genius inside you and open to the most power force in the universe, your unconditional love and pure energy.

Yin & Yang of Food

by Master Chunyi Lin

In China, food is thought of as medicine. Food as therapy is a concept that began thousands of years ago in China and is a core component of good health as described in the The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, which is the Chinese medicine bible.

Nutrition: Food is Medicine

In China, food is thought of as medicine. You eat to be healthy, to stay healthy and to recover your health when you become sick. What you eat, how you prepare your food and how you eat are all very important.

Qi~full Eating Tips for October

In this season you can start to add a little more sweet in your diet, not a lot but a little. Adding honey to your diet is a very healthful way to start getting a little more sweetness. Honey, especially locally produced honey, is very beneficial for your health and keeping your energy balanced.

Qi~full Eating Tips for November

Spring Forest Qigong practitioners discover early on that everything is energy including what they eat. When you choose to align the energy of the season with your day-to-day diet, the peace and harmony of qigong accelerates in your body, mind and spirit.

A Pear a Day...

There is an old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” But this time of year, pears are the thing. Pears are very good for fall...

The Power of Pears

The pear is a gift from nature to keep lung energy strong and prevent dryness. Pears lubricate the throat and lungs and help dissolve phlegm and cough.

Foods for an Autumn Diet

Being aware of the energy of the food for autumn and incorporating these foods in simple ways really compliments your body’s energy balance.

Qi~Full Eating Tips for February: Transitioning to Spring

As February arrives we enter into the energetic transition from winter to spring. This is the time to support your liver and liver energy.

Winter Qi~Full Eating Tips

Except for on Dec 21st, don’t eat too many sweet things and avoid things that are very oily as that energy is too acidic. Too much oily food is not beneficial for you in winter.

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