What is Healing Circle?


A Healing Circle is an hour-long group session designed to empower you with Qigong. Our Qigong Healer will guide you in practicing Spring Forest Qigong healing movements, followed by a guided healing meditation. While you are deep in the stillness of meditation, our healer will work on removing energy blockages and balance your Qi, sending healing energy to everyone in the circle.


Two weekly sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. US Central Time




SFQ Movements + Guided Meditation + Master's Skill = Powerful Healing

Awaken your body’s natural healing ability and use it in combination with your Qigong Healer’s higher vibration for a healing power-hour!


As low as $6.20 per hour-long session




Healing in the Circle of Love


Looking for healing in a loving and relaxed atmosphere? Join us at lunchtime for an hour of healing movements and meditation, combined with our Qigong Master and Healer's unconditional love!

Healing Circles magnify unconditional love energy, and are the perfect way to find that time needed for meditation and healing movements. Right at your midday break!



Two Ways to Attend


Come to the SFQ Healing Center

Best for local Minnesotans or people who are traveling to Minnesota. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 12:00 Noon to 1:00 PM.

Join Online, Live From Your Home

If you have a smart phone or computer with internet access, join us online with easy-to-use video conferencing tools. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 12:00 Noon to 1:00 PM.




The power of Qigong is in the practice!
~Master Chunyi Lin


Make time for you. Balance and heal. Get into the rhythm of meditating and doing healing movements every week. Feel the benefits!




Healing Circle Single Pass

Single Pass

Try Healing Circle one time or when you need the extra nudge to get into the energy.


Add to Cart

You will receive a private invitation to join the upcoming Healing Circle.

Healing Circle 1 month unlimited pass

One Month Unlimited Pass

Access to entire month of Healing Circle.


Add to Cart

Two sessions per week. You will have access to 8-10 sessions, depending on the month.

Approx. $8.60 per session

Healing Circle 3 month unlimited pass

Three Month Unlimited Pass

Access to THREE months of Healing Circle.


Add to Cart

Two sessions per week. You will have access to 24+ sessions, depending on the month.

Approx. $6.20 per session



Love From the Participants



Dearest Gadu,

Thank you so very much for opening your healing circle.

I could feel your beautiful healing energy. assisting all of us on the call to balance our energy and bring forth greater healing in mind, body, and our spirits.

Thank you Gadu, and please forgive me for not saying hi in person, not really sure how this technology works and if you can hear the audio portion? Anyways,

I’m so very grateful to you and all of SFQ team. It’s really helping get through this challenging season.

With deep gratitude to all you are doing to hold the planet in balance.

I Love you all my heart and send my Loving in the Light

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Hi, I participated in the healing circle today with Master Gadu.

Because of a incident in the house I had to leave for a few minutes during the meditation. I came back and slotted right in again.

I noticed that my body started to sway from back to front by itself and I felt a slight ripple in the chest while Master Gadu was sending energy.

I didn't realise that this could happen in such a profound way. Amazing.

Best, Lakhbir




Special Offer for Practitioners Coming to the Healing Center


Available only for the Healing Center sessions: Three MonthUnlimited Pass + Guest ..... $225.00*

*Three Month Pass holders are able to bring a guest of their choice to any session available (original pass holder must be present).


All prices subject to change without prior notice. Passes are non-transferable.

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