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Spring Forest FREE Qigong Global Phone Healing
You have been wondering what Energy Healing is all about, now is the perfect timing! Spring Forest Qigong is having a LIVE, Monthly, Free Global Phone Healing!

Spring Forest Qigong Healing Center gives love back to the world through its Global Phone Healing. Take part with us in a group meditation and receive energy healing from a Spring Forest Qigong Healer! 

To gain access to the Global Phone Healing and receive other free membership benefits, all you need to do is sign up using the form below.




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 2019 Global Phone Healing Dates

10AM US Central Time on Sunday


January 20th
February 17th
March 17th
April 21st
May 19th
June 16th
July 21st
August 18th
September 15th
October 20th
November 17th
December 15th

What Does A Distance Healing Session Look Like? 

The entire session will take about 15-20 minutes. Click on the link provided in your email inbox to visit the teleseminar, where you can call in by phone or access the live call by web broadcast. We recommend that you join the call approximately 5 minutes in advance. Have a glass of water ready as your healer will be charging energy into the water to make healing water for you. He or she will instruct you to drink the water when energy is being charged into the water. All you have to do for the healing session, is relax with your eyes closed and follow the guidance of the healer.  To best benefit from Qigong distance healing session, we recommend that you continue to meditate for another 15-30 minutes after the live session ends.


10:00 - 10:05 am CST
Introduction and Guided Meditation

The Healers will introduce themselves and guide you into a deep meditation so you can receive their Healing Energy.

10:05 - 10:15 am CST
Healing / Energy Balancing

While you are meditating, our Healer will send you loving Healing Energy while you listen over the phone or webcast.



The moment a person chooses to move their own energy, they awaken the healer within."
-- Chunyi Lin



FREE Vitality Membership Gives You Access To:


Global Phone Healing

A powerful monthly phone healing that will fill you with positive healthy energy

Qi~full Living Newsletter

Filled with educational articles, inspirational stories, answers to your questions! It is not only a work of art, but it is a work of heart.

Qi~Talk Videos

Monthly Qi~talk videos, where SFQ Guest Speakers and Qigong Masters share their wisdom and beautiful energy.




What Happens After I Sign Up?


1. You will receive an email with your membership login information and access instructions.
2. One day before the Global Phone Healing, you will receive an email reminder.
3. On the day of Global Phone Healing, you will receive an email with details about the phone number to call, or link to listen to the webcast. Just tune in to what the healer said, and relax as the healer is sending you the healing energy to you balance your body's energy.





Is this Global Phone Healing a sales event?
Absolutely not! This is a way we give love back to our world and to inspire more people to experience their beautiful energy. A place and event where you can discover that you were born a healer.

Who are the people who will be working on me?
Our volunteer healers are Spring Forest Qigong Healers and have been practice energy healing for an extensive period of time.

How do I access the Global Phone Healing?
You must register to participate. After you register, you will be given an email with instructions on how to access the Live Global Phone Healing by Phone or by Webcast.

How many times can I participate in Spring Forest Qigong's Free Global Phone Healing?
As many times as you'd like! Our deepest thanks to you in helping us share the gifts of healing and love!

What kind of Qigong healing will I receive?
You will receive Long Distance Energy Healing from a Spring Forest Qigong Healer. The Healer will give you warm and joyous love energy to break down your energy blockages and balance your body's energy.

What time does it start? and where?
Each Free Global Phone Healing takes place on the 3rd Sunday at 10:00 a.m. Central time of most months. The Distance Healing can be accessed anywhere that you can connect by phone or by internet.

Can I call to talk to someone in your center about Global Phone Healing?
Yes, you are welcome to contact our Customer service support team with questions or concerns. 952-593-5555 Or email us: .

Will I be guaranteed a spot?
Yes, we can accommodate unlimited attendees between phone and the webcast connections.

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