FREE ONLINE Global Healing Event – Stream LIVE Online or Call-In by Phone from anywhere in the World!


March 6th & September 18th, 2022

Streaming LIVE at 10:00 AM US Central Time



Join the Unconditional LOVE Energy Vibration as we send our Healing Energy, not only too our beloved animal friends, but also to all the animals throughout the World!


Why Join Animal Healing Session?

Help Our Animals Heal from Physical and Emotional Challenges


This is an FREE ONLINE EVENT, where animal lovers from all over the World come together, to send love to our animal friends. 

The more people that join, the Greater the Unconditional Love and the Higher the Energy Vibration, that we can send to our animal friends.  

Join SFQ Qigong Master Jaci Gran as she guides you into a special healing mediation to help your animals transform any energy blockages. 

A Qigong Distance Healing Session in Spring Forest Qigong Healing Center is normally $120. However this global group session is for your loved pets and animals, Free!



Why Animals Are Very Responsive to Qigong Healing?


Animals sixth sense makes it incredibly easy for us to assist our pets and animals with their healing needs. The information we have about how a heart works can be applied to all animals, including humans. Energy blockages in the different organs of the body, whether for a pet or a person, can be cleared and transformed using universally applicable principles of balancing energy. Pets, however, have a huge advantage over people when it comes to Qigong healing. They are much more sensitive because of they have naturally developed a finely tuned sixth sense. 


Many qigong practitioners have shared fun stories of their pet’s reaction to Spring Forest Qigong healing movements or meditations. Dogs howl and cats scratch to get into meditation rooms. Pets walk in between the legs of a qigong stance or simply lie down on top of feet. Pets that were normally rather active immediately calm down.

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What Happens in This Healing Session?


Have Your Water Ready

We recommend you have a bottle of water ready before the healing session. Water is a great medium for carrying healing messages, and Qigong healing is message healing. Spring Forest Qigong uses water as a medium for transforming energy.

Join the Live Streaming

Join the Live Streaming

Click on the link in your email to join the live healing event. You can access the event by phone or by internet broadcast. The entire session will last about 20-30 minutes.

Charge Your Water into Healing Water

Master Jaci Gran will charge your water with energy, making it healing water. You can then give it to your animals when instructed. Don't worry if your animal isn't present, or if your animals cannot have water at the moment. Master Jaci will guide you through the process.

Transform Energy Blockages in Healing session

Master Jaci Gran will guide you into a healing meditation to help your animals or pets transform any energy blockages. You can have your animals listen to the healing session or bring them in your meditation spiritually.




You have the power to heal your loved animal. All you need is your compassion and your love infused into specific healing techniques. If you are like me and have a passion and desire to help alleviate suffering for animals throughout the world, join our free live online event and use qigong healing to help transform the energy blockages for our animals and the animals in the world.
-- Jaci Gran, Qigong Master




Meet Qigong Master Jaci Gran


Qigong Master Jacqueline Gran has been passionate about energy and the energy transformation and art for as long as she can remember. She has been practicing and studying Spring Forest Qigong since 1999.

At the Spring Forest Qigong Healing Center, Jaci oversees our Initial Appointments, offers Qigong and Qi~ssage healing appointments. She is one of Spring Forest Qigong Masters leading regularly scheduled Healing Circles with Qigong Healing Movements.Jaci is continually called upon to speak about the power of qigong in everyday living and illness recovery to local groups, and conferences throughout the world.

My passion is to help people explore who they are with Spring Forest Qigong so they can peel back the layers to discover their creativity, their unbounded love of life.”

In 2015, Jaci Gran was awarded Spring Forest Qigong Master by Master Chunyi Lin, the highest award honoring an Qigong Practitioner.





What is Qigong Distance Healing?



Everything in the universe is a form of energy. A rock, a flower, and every single cell in your body – all of them are forms of energy. We are energy beings. So are our animal friends. If you are new to Qigong healing, this might sound strange... but energy is not limited by time or space. The energy that Master Jaci Gran works with is the same, in person and at a distance.

In our Healing Center, we serve clients all over the world with Qigong Distance Healing sessions, both over the phone and by meditation healing. Because we know that everyone (including our animal friends) can benefit from the energy of Qigong Healing, we want you and your animals to experience it, too!





Healing Animals with Qigong Energy Transformation!


If your animal has an illness or health challenge what do you do? Usually you would bring it to a vet. This is a good idea, but what can you do at home on your own? 

Qigong Master Jaci Gran is leading this global Qigong Distance Healing to help your animals and animals in the world to heal.





Qigong Healing for Animals

Qigong Healing for Animals

Self-Learning Course and Guided Practice with Master Jaci Gran

This course will teach you how to use Spring Forest Qigong distance healing techniques to help your animals and the animals in the world.



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