Spring Forest Qigong Practice Groups World Locations


In your home town or a travel destination, find a practice group to continue your Qigong practice and stay in high energy vibration. If there is not a SFQ practice group in your area, it is time for you to start one!


Certified Practice Group Leader



Do you have a Spring Forest Qigong practice group?


You do not have to be a Certified Practice Group Leader to lead a practice group. If you have completed Spring Forest Qigong Level 1 for Health and Level 2 for healing home study programs, you can share your love and study of Spring Forest Qigong with your community by becoming a SFQ Practice Group Leader.


Your registration application will be reviewed by Spring Forest Qigong for approval. Many SFQ practice groups are open to the public, however, it is not a requirement. You can register your private practice group with SFQ. By submitting this application, you are agreeing to be listed on Spring Forest Qigong website and the information you submitted will be available to the Spring Forest Qigong community.


Report A Practice Group


If you participated in a Spring Forest Qigong practice group and you have concerns (for example, suspected misconduct or questionable behaviors) about the practice group, please report this to our SFQ office by sending an email to:







Become A Certified Practice Group Leader


Passionate about Qigong? Want to share SFQ benefits to your community? Become a Certified Practice Group Leader is your first step to build your own Qigong community. An SFQ Certified Practice Group Leader gain access to the "Toolbox for Success", an exclusive online toolbox designed for you to run a successful Qigong practice group. The toolbox is full of educational and marketing materials, watch the video to know more.


How to become a Certified Practice Group Leader? Know more here. Spring Forest Qigong - Certified Practice Group Leader


Inside the Toolbox for Success:




Notification: This page and the Spring Forest Qigong Practice Groups World Locations map is solely a resource to serve the community of SFQ practitioners worldwide. Spring Forest Qigong, Inc. does not endorse nor is associated with any of the practice groups listed on the map. Therefore, Spring Forest Qigong is not liable for any of the actions, or lack thereof, by the group or individuals listed on this map.



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