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Healing Connection


Feed Your Soul and Meditate with Master Chunyi Lin


Join the only community call where Qigong Master Chunyi Lin personally imparts his invaluable wisdom, guides you into a powerful meditation, and answers your deepest questions.

Once a week (4 times a month), the hour-long Healing Connection will reach into your life providing enrichment, healing energy, and knowledge for everyday use.

Participants regularly call this program "LIFE CHANGING".



Upcoming Healing Connection Topics



February 2020

Harvesting the Qi of the Universe


Right from the start in Level One for Health, you learn that “Spring Forest Qigong is an advanced, simple, and powerful form of Qigong.” You may not have realized just how true that is. From the start, you learn to “Harvest the Qi” after doing your Qigong moving and sitting practices – beginning with spinning the energy ball, rubbing your hands, and massaging your face and ears. This is a way to harvest the fruits of your efforts.


But there is also a way to harvest more potent and more highly-refined Qi, directly from the universe. Nature has everything we need, and there are many places and environments that provide a rich, abundant harvest of Qi to those who know how to gather it. In this month’s Healing Connection, Master Lin will share advanced Qigong techniques to help you do just that.


February 4 -  Collecting and Harvesting Qi, a Qigong-Practice Essential

February 11 -  Collecting and Harvesting Qi from the Earth

February 18 - Collecting and Harvesting Qi from the Universe

February 25 - Amplify Your Own Vortex

March 2020

Ancient Qigong Breathing Techniques


Along with body movements, the mind, and sound, breathing is one of the four essential elements of Spring Forest Qigong. Did you know the words “spirit” and “respiration” come from the same word for “breath”? Many cultures have understood the both broad and deep significance of our simple breathing. Much of the power of Qigong is rooted in that understanding.


Our breath is the bridge connecting Yin and Yang, mind and body, reality and spirituality. It is a gate to higher consciousness and the most effective tool to awaken the healing intelligence in your body. If you are practicing Spring Forest Qigong, you are already enjoying the benefits of Qigong breathing; but in this month’s Healing Connection, Master Lin will be teaching about four very special, very different kinds of Qigong breathing.


March 3 -  Whole-Body Breathing

March 10 -  Turtle Breathing

March 17 - Dantien Breathing

March 24 - Target Breathing

April 2020

Qigong Healing: Beyond Yin and Yang


One beautiful thing about Qigong is that you do not have to understand it to experience all its benefits – you just have to practice it. This is a stumbling-block for many. Yet, even in Level One, you learn basic concepts and information to help your practice, including teachings on Yin and Yang. In Level Three and beyond, you go deeper into Taoist teachings on Yin and Yang and their relation to concsciousness and Oneness.


In higher levels of Qigong, deeper understanding of these concepts goes hand-in-hand with more intensive experiences of energy. Toward that end of taking you deeper into your experience and understanding, in this month’s Healing Connection Master Lin will be sharing more about Yin and Yang... to take you beyond them.


April 7 -  Yin and Yang in Qigong Healing

April 14 - Nature of Yin and How to Work with It

April 21 - Nature of Yang and How to Work with It

April 28 - Joining Yin and Yang to Advance Your Healing Power

Join Divine Connection Membership to receive this transformative program. All Healing Connection sessions are archived for future review.




Why Join Divine Connection Membership


You care deeply about absorbing the abundant knowledge of Spring Forest Qigong. Expanding your consciousness, connecting to Source, and experiencing powerful deep healing is what gives you the most fulfillment. You love having the ability to ask Master Lin your questions, receive group healing and meditating with advanced Qigong practitioners worldwide, listen to profound insights with Equinox and Solstice meditations, all at the click of a button. Seeing your future filled with consistent health and growth in mind and spirit makes you hopeful. The Divine Connection is where you belong.





What You Will Get From Divine Connection Membership


Healing Connection

Healing Connection

What can you expect during a Healing Connection teleseminar? The first part of the hour will be dedicated to imparting more of the vast knowledge and wisdom Master Lin has to share; then he will be answering questions that attendees sent in. He will conclude the call by sharing his incredible healing energy and love in a live guided healing meditation. Tuesdays at 9PM (US Central Time), the Healing Connection is more than a teleseminar — it is a community of like-minded people who come together each week for a powerful one-hour group call led by Qigong Master Chunyi Lin.


Heart Wisdom

Join SFQ Master Glenn Tobey as he teams up with other SFQ Masters, Instructors, and Healers to share their wonderful insights on topics connecting with our day-to-day living, the ongoing practice of Spring Forest Qigong, leadership, and working with new students of SFQ.

Deep Transformation Healing Sessions

Deep Transformation Healing Sessions

Weekly Monday evening Live session to send you healing energy. Remove your energy blockages. Perfect for anyone who is seeking healing.

Equinox and Solstice Meditations

Equinox and Solstice Meditation

Four (4) Solstice and Equinox meditations that Master Lin performs during these powerful energy times of the year.


Global Phone Healing with Qigong

Global Phone Healing

A powerful monthly Qigong distance healing that will fill you with positive healthy energy.  You don't need to be in our healing center physically. Join the global healing community to multiply the vibration.

Qi Talk Videos

Qi~Talk Videos

Monthly Qi~talk videos, where SFQ Guest Speakers and Qigong Masters share their wisdom and beautiful energy.  Priceless Qigong learning opportunities and wisdom deliver to your membership area.

*Access to entire Qi~Talk video library with Heart Wisdom, Deep Transformation, and Divine Connection Membership.

Qi-Full Living Newsletter

Qi~full Living Newsletter

Filled with educational Qigong articles, inspirational healing stories, Master Lin's answers to your questions! Energy food recipes, the best Qigong practices and tips.  It is not only a work of art, but it is a work of heart.

*Access to entire Qi~full Living newsletter library with Heart Wisdom, Deep Transformation, and Divine Connection Membership.





Become A Divine Connection Member

Join a community of hundreds of advanced Qigong practitioners for a LIFE CHANGING healing and enlightening experience.


Monthly Subscription $149

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Annual Subscription Option

Get a whole year of Divine Connection and pay only 10 months. More savings!


Annual Subscription $1490

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What Members Say About Healing Connection



When I joined the Healing Connection I was recovering from the effects of Polymyalgia and insomnia, and the side effects from the medication. I was depressed, had low energy and low self-esteem.

The Healing Connection has been a lifeline for me. I still wake up during the night, usually between 2 & 4:30am. which was never a positive thing to experience.

Having the Healing Connection recording ready to listen to by my bed, has made an extraordinary difference to my life. I can rely ob Master Lin's meditations and talks to calm, relax and put me into a positive frame of mind, or to help me fall asleep.

I couldn't imagine not having access to the Healing Connection. It has changed my life.


The Healing Connection is an important part of my personal growth and well-being process as well as a significant source of knowledge that I share with others in my healing practice and practice group.

Master Lin's lessons are powerful; the Q & A responses are enlightening, and the meditations are transformative and healing!

I am so grateful for the weekly Healing Connection. It literally sustains me!

-Leanora Winters


Master Lin's Healing Connection wisdom and powerful healing energy flows through us, connecting our loved ones every week..

-Catherine Eick



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