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Spring Forest Qigong Five Elements Qigong for Self-Healing


Be the Best, Most Balanced You

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Five Elements Qigong for Self-Healing

November 17, 2018 | MN

Master Gadu Schmitz and Master Healer Rong Li

Spring Forest Qigong Healing Center

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 The most powerful method

The practice of Spring Forest Qigong in particular is one to be most useful, and in fact is regarded as the most powerful method to keeping the body’s Qi (energy) in harmony.

The basis of Qigong is a combination of movements based around the flow of energy throughout the energy channels, coupled with deep breathing and visualization to keep the body feeling re-energized and balanced.



Energy in different forms

Everything you see or cannot see is energy but in different forms. Energy is constantly transforming and it is a matter of whether it is transforming for the better or worse.

For the human body this is no different. Everything we come into contact with, whether it be the weather, the food we eat or the emotions we produce, all have their own energetic properties that are constantly affecting the body.

The goal is to understand how and why they have certain effects on the body, and transform them into a balanced, optimal health.


Improve your Qi or "energy" for maintaining balance and well being

Chunyi Lin has devoted his life to make Spring Forest Qigong practices simple and fit well with the modern life today.

In this class, you will learn Chunyi Lin's comprehensive and accessible approach to Qigong health practice. You will have an understanding of how Qigong works and how it can have a positive impact on your well-being. And most importantly, everyone is born a healer!

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