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CEU Credits for Professionals

Spring Forest Qigong is now an Approved Provider for continuing education through the (NCBTMB) National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworkers.

If you are a member of NCBTMB and want to expand in your understanding of how to enhance and optimize the body's energy for healing and developing a healthy lifestyle for you and your clients, then Spring Forest Qigong is for you.  Massage Therapist and Bodyworkers can register for Spring Forest Qigong training classes, check the boxes below for CE hours.

Also, if you are an organization and would like to bring Spring Forest Qigong to your school, please contact: Carrie Hale at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The following training courses are available: 

CE Hours
Course Title
Course Type
Bodywork7.5Spring Forest Qigong Qi~ssage


Energy Work    7Spring Forest Qigong Level 1 for Health


Energy Work11.5Spring Forest Qigong Level 2 for Healing


Energy Work14.5Spring Forest Qigong Level 3 for Advanced Healing    



Course Descriptions


Spring Forest Qigong Level 1 for Health

This course provides a working understanding of the study of universal energy known as Qigong. Qigong increases self-awareness, builds internal energy, and allows one to assist the physical and spiritual healing of themselves and others through movement, breath work, visualization, and sound. These techniques will help relieve physical pain, stress, depression and more.

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Spring Forest Qigong Level 2 for Healing

In Spring Forest Qigong Level 2, the participant will learn how increase healing energy and develop the power of visualization to help self and others heal by determining healing specific techniques for over 25 common health conditions including different organ dysfunction, chronic ailments such as diabetes, pain, arthritis, autoimmune disease, reproductive issues and addictions.

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Spring Forest Level Three for Advanced Healing

In Level Three, the focus will be on learning to work with more serious physical and mental energy blockages. The primary purpose of Level Three is to help awaken and strengthen spiritual energy and take it to a higher level of consciousness. Attaining this level leads to a more mindful and heart-centered life.

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Qi~ssage is a technique that combines energy principles of qigong with the art of massage and can be easily incorporated into a massage, healing session or a stand-alone session. Qi-ssage is a technique for opening the twelve major energy channels in your body and balancing the flow of your body’s energy through energy points on the body.

In Qi-ssage, one will learn how to stimulate these key points to draw in the healing energy from the universal consciousness of unconditional love. This workshop will teach how to apply gentle, firm pressure in a rotating motion to stimulate powerful key energy points with fingers and hands in a specific order that will provide for optimum health, healing of many health conditions and well-being.

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