Spring Forest Qigong Level 2: Qigong for Healing

Live Training Class


Spring Forest Qigong Level 2 Qigong for Healing Live Class


Starting October 21, 2020 | All Class Mountain Time

Session 1 WED, Oct 21, 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Session 2 WED, Oct 28, 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Session 3 WED, Nov 4, 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Session 4 WED, Nov 11, 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM


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Tuition $269 USD

Early Bird $249 | Register Before October 7th





Becoming A Powerful Qigong Healer:


aBuilding and strengthening your own energy

bUse qigong to heal yourself and help others heal

cAdvanced ancient Qigong movements to cultivate healing energy

dDetecting techniques to find energy blockages in the body

eSword Fingers, Thunder Palm, 10,000 Hands, and Cloud Hands

fSix Keys to Success in Qigong Practice

gYour body's Virtual Compass

hAnd more...





Qigong healing is of love sharing. It is a healing from the root cause, from the soul.


-- Master Chunyi Lin





Energy Systems and Color Healing


The body has different energy systems that involve multiple organs.

An energy blockage in one organ often indicates blockages in other organs within its energy system. Knowing the relationship among the organs is very helpful in our healing. Each energy system responds favorably to various colors which can increase the healing. When giving energy through the palm(s) to the heart system, for example, imagine red or pink energy. Staring at colored paper or a colored light can enhance your visualization of that color because your eyes are left with signals from that color.

In Spring Forest Qigong Level 2 Qigong for Healing class, you will learn the body's energy system, as well as how to use colors to balance the energy system.





Meditation Postures & Qigong Movements


Spring Forest Qigong Level 2 Qigong for Healing includes powerful self-cultivating movements such as Sword Fingers, Thunder Palm, 10,000 Hands, and Cloud Hands. You will learn these movements to cultivate your own energy and to enhance the flow of Qi in your body. You will also learn Energy Breathing Meditation, a specific Qigong breathing practice that designed to replenish energy into every cell of your body and to help you feel the Qi faster. Here are some sample postures and moves you will be experiencing.


Open Hand

Protection Posture

Full Lotus

Sword Fingers

Sword Fingers

Thunder Palms





Detecting Blockages and the Healing Process


The smooth, balanced flow of energy (chi or Qi) is critical to robust physical health. When our channels become blocked, Qi may accumulate in one place and be depleted in another (like water forms a lake behind a dam and leaves the stream below it nearly dry).

Blockages may be located in a different area or areas of the body from where the pain or symptoms are felt. For example, your friend may have pain in the temple area of the head while the energy blockage is in the neck. A blockage is not necessarily a physical illness of the body. To heal your friend, find the root of the sickness, which is the blockage. Do not focus on the symptoms.

Blockages start as yin energy. Often, at this yin stage, the blockage cannot be felt by the person receiving the healing. When the yin energy blockage changes to Yang energy, it may manifest as a physical symptoms. You will be guided in learning how to detect energy blockages and perform Spring Forest Qigong healing process to remove the energy blockages in this live class.






Why Spring Forest Qigong Level 2 Qigong for Healing


Cultivate Your Qi

In SFQ Qigong for Healing class, you will learn movements and meditations for cultivating Qi in your body.

Detecting Energy Blockages

Learn to use your body to detect energy blockages so you can remove the blockages in the body effectively.

Help Others to Heal

Learn SFQ healing techniques to help yourself and help others to heal. Includes how to help heal specific physiological conditions.



Color Healing

You will learn in-depth Qigong knowledge such as color healing to balance the energy in the body.

Body Compass

Our body is a virtual compass; we can make our meditations more effective by aligning ourselves with the universe before we begin.

Qigong Movements

Learn the simple, gentle, energy Qigong movements that help you find perfect balance and strengthen your internal energy.





Healing Specific Conditions


This live class teaches many Qigong techniques to balance the blocked energy systems with specific conditions.

After you detect the energy blockages, and working on removing the blockages that you found, you are ready to do specific healing if necessary. The general Qigong healing techniques and processes apply in most circumstances. However, there are instances when special directions are necessary, or when additional information is helpful in healing. We will take you through specific parts of the body that may have issues and how to balance the energy.

The specific techniques taught in this class include:


• Neck and Shoulder Issues

• Lung Issues

• Heart Issues

• Liver Issues

• Pancreas and Stomach Issues

• Kidney Issues

• Eye Issues

• Nearsightedness

• Farsightedness

• Weak Eyesight, Itching, Watering

• Ear Issues

• Hearing Loss, Ringing in the Ear, Water in the Ear, Ear Infection

• Breast Issues

• Low sexual energy

• Sterility & Fertility

• Reproductive Issues

• Diabetes (High and Low Blood Sugar)

• Hearing issues

• Deafness not caused by nerve damage

• Teeth and Jaw Issues

• TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint)

• Nose and Throat Issues

• Facial Pain

• Blood Pressure

• High Cholesterol

• Heart Attack

• After a heart attack

• Head Issues

• Headache

• Arthritis

• Constipation

• Diarrhea

• Colds, Flu, Sinus and Fever

• Pregnancy Precautions

• Warts

• Missing Organs





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Start to cultivate your Qi and energy with Spring Forest Qigong Level 2 for Healing Live Training.

October 21, 28, November 4, & 11, 2020 | Online Class

Tuition $269 USD

Early Bird $249 USD | Register Before October 7th

Qigong for Healing Online with Certified Instructor Sue Crites





Your Qigong Teacher



Sue Crites Certified Qigong Instructor


Certified Instructor Sue Crites is also a Master Healer, Energy Healer, Holistic Nutritionist, Practice Group Leader, and Level 5 Practitioner. Sue has her own distance healing practice and teaches qigong both online and in-person in Alberta (Athabasca and Edmonton) and Yukon. Sue is passionate about sharing the message that healing comes through balance. In 2010, Sue experienced a profound transformation in her health (hip pain; allergies) and emotions after practicing Spring Forest Qigong. Sue infuses Spring Forest Qigong and The Five Element Theory into her healing practice, which is a combination of Holistic Nutrition, Auricular Medicine, and lifestyle guidance.

Sue also leads retreats, writes (see her work in The Huffington Post and The Elephant Journal), and started an online weekly Spring Forest Qigong practice community to support herself and others who do not have access to a local practice group. Sue’s vision is to help individuals balance and heal, creating space for happiness, connection, and love. Sue enjoys spending time outdoors in the boreal woods surrounding her home outside of Athabasca, Alberta, Canada. You can learn more by visiting her website www.suecrites.ca.


Very Encouraging

I liked that Sue was very encouraging and gave us ample time to practice and ask questions. I feel very confident in my abilities to facilitate healing.

Danette B.

A Great Teacher and Healer

Sue did a great job of teaching this class. She was very well organized and was very knowledgeable about all of the information being taught.

Cathleen S.

Personable, Knowledgeable, and Compassionate

Sue is a fine seminar leader. She is personable, knowledgeable, lively and yet both compassionate and patient. Motivational. Careful in teaching detailed techniques and theory; and consistent in checking for mastery. I am grateful to have met Sue and for her continuing care for and encouragement of her students. I tell anyone who is interested in Spring Forest Qigong that they will be excellently served if they decide to choose Sue Crites as their teacher.

Student of Sue





Teaching in Master Chunyi Lin's Tradition


Qigong Master Chunyi Lin

My life mission is to create "a healer in every home and a world without pain and suffering." I am very grateful for Certified Qigong Instructor Sue Crites, for sharing Spring Forest Qigong in her community and helping achieve this vision.
-Chunyi Lin, Qigong Master, The Founder and Creator of Spring Forest Qigong





More About This Class



Class Handouts

Class Handouts

Comprehensive class handouts are provided for your continuing study and practice.

Recommended Study Materials

Recommended Study Materials

We recommend you get Spring Forest Qigong Level 2 for Healing self-study course for even deeper level of understanding in Qigong.

Recommended Pre-Class

Recommended Pre-Class

It is strongly recommended that you take Spring Forest Qigong Level 1 Qigong for Health class prior to Qigong for Healing class.

Certificate and Contact Hours

Certificate and Contact Hours

Upon completion of the class, a certificate of attendance is awarded. 100% attendance is required, unless pre-approved with Teacher. Downloadable via email.

Contact Hours: 11





Class Location



This class will be held over Zoom web conferencing. Zoom is a free platform that is simple to use. Students will need reliable internet connection. Please plan for a quiet space free from interruptions. You must turn on the camera on your device during the class.





What Past Attendees Are Saying ...



I've been to a few qigong classes, but none of them are compare to Spring Forest Qigong. The instructors are wonderful! The concepts are explained so well. This is first time I actually understand what Qigong is! Great stores and knowledge.
-- Becky R.


I understand the importance of unconditional love for self and others. and forgiveness is essential for healing myself or helping others to heal.
-- Nicole S.



The presentation was excellent. Interesting and sequenced well. The instructors carry a soft yet powerful energy.
-- Maryanne M.




I appreciate the humility of the instructors and volunteers. Their energy helped me to open my heart to receive the spiritual transformation as well as technical information of Spring Forest Qigong system.
-- Tara S.


Very encouraging. Seeing is believing! Loved the finger growing demonstration! This blown my mind!
-- Ray K.



The content was great and the hand-on practice is my favorite.
-- Nikki P.




If I took this class 20 years ago, I am certain I could help my mom with her MS.
-- Terry V.



Loved the content, the experience, the energy in the room!
-- Vin G.



The movements are amazing! So simple and they helped me experienced a powerful moment within myself!
-- Caron W.








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Becoming A Certified Qigong Professional


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This class is qualified for Re-Certification Credit:  1.5 Credit






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