Spring Forest Qigong Mindfulness Qigong Class

Spring Forest Qigong Mindfulness Qigong Class | November 7, 2020 | Bloomington, MN

Spring Forest Qigong Mindfulness Qigong Class

November 7, 2020 | Minnesota
Master Gadu Schmitz
Normandale Community College
9 AM - 3 PM

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Experience mindful qigong to improve your life and life choices

Achieve your optimal health and wellness

Practice meditation as a tool to self-awareness

Presented in a simple, easy-to-follow format

Discover how to transform emotions that can impact organ systems

Find balance physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually


Your Qigong Teacher


Gadu Schmitz

SFQ Qigong Master

Qigong Master Gadu (Katsushi F. Schmitz) has been practicing Spring Forest Qigong since 2008, and was awarded Qigong Master in 2017 by Master Chunyi Lin. He resonates deeply with Master Lin’s motto: “Everyone is born a healer” and he brings Spring Forest Qigong to communities where empowerment is needed. He currently works at Spring Forest Qigong Healing Center personally chosen by the creator and founder of Spring Forest Qigong Grand Master Chunyi Lin as a staff healer.

Master Healer Gadu’s favorite thing about the healing process is to see the beautiful hope and confidence that his clients leave with after a session. “I am grateful for the understanding and energy of Qigong which empowers others to heal and live full of hope and joy.”

Gadu is a member of the SFQ Master Teacher team. He teaches Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Certification classes, Animal Healer, Qi~ssage, and other workshops.



Normandale Community College

9700 France Avenue South, Bloomington, MN 55431



The content was great and the hands-on practice was my favorite.

Nikki P.

After this class, I understand the importance of unconditional love for self and others. I also understand how forgiveness is essential for healing myself or helping others to heal.

Nicole S.

The presentation was excellent. Interesting and sequenced well. The instructors carry a soft yet powerful energy.

Maryanne M.

The movements are amazing! They are so simple and they helped me experienced a powerful moment within myself!

Caron W.

I appreciate the humility of the instructors and volunteers. Their energy helped me open my heart to receive the spiritual transformation as well as technical information of the Spring Forest Qigong system.

Tara S.

Love the attitudes of everyone involved.

Lindsey W.

I've been to a few qigong classes, but none of them compare to Spring Forest Qigong. The instructors are wonderful!  The concepts are explained so well. This is the first time I actually understand what Qigong is! Great stories and knowledge

Becky R.

Loved the content, the experience, the energy in the room!

Vin G.


You can always learn how to be in command of your own health, learn why you were born a healer and discover how to unlock your healing energy to achieve your optimal health and wellness by learning the simple, gentle, movements in our Spring Forest Qigong Fundamentals Home Learning Course.

For more than a decade, thousands, from around the world, have made the same empowering self-discovery ~ that moving your own energy everyday increases your health, brings peace of mind, and encourages a truly joyful heart and shows you your personal power to self-heal.



There is nothing more empowering than moving your own energy. International Qigong master Chunyi Lin says, “The moment a person chooses to move their own energy, they awaken the healer within them. Every cell in your body is energy. You are an energy being and you can transform your own energy.”

Health conditions are created from energy blockages. Clear the blockages and move the energy within you and you get better faster. In fact, Spring Forest Qigong is so simple and easy it has become as valuable as eating a healthy diet and getting good sleep for more than 300,000 people around the world.