Spring Forest Qigong Higher Vibration Retreat | SFQ Level Four | August 5 - 8, 2021


Wisdom Healing - Higher Vibration Four-Day Qigong Meditation Retreat

with Master Chunyi Lin




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Spring Forest Qigong Level 4

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Advancing Your Healing Power


Wisdom Healing - Higher Vibration Meditation Retreat (Spring Forest Qigong Level 4 Meditation Retreat) is available to those who have solid understanding of Qigong and who would like to advance your healing power within. In this retreat, you will learn an even more advanced way to collect energy and techniques for spiritual healing.


I have been to several retreats and always experience a level of healing. There's nothing quite like being in a room filled with people who all want to give, be healing instruments. You are surrounded by unconditional love from Master Chunyi Lin and all the of the participants."



Advanced Qigong Retreat


Long Distance Energy Detecting and Healing

Learn powerful ways to remove blockages and long distance energy detecting and healing. Master Lin will talk about how to open the blockages for HIV positive people and for people who have bone marrow problems. Master Lin will also discuss how to heal the spirit and additional techniques related to advanced energy training and development.Master Lin will teach you about your dreams and how to use your dreams to help others to heal and to help bring peace to our world.

Further Develop the Third Eye

While we started the third eye development in SFQ Level 3, Master Lin will take your third eye opening to another level.  He will guide you through several special, ancient, long Qigong meditations. These meditations are essential opening your Third Eye more completely and opening your Third Eye is a key to taking your spiritual energy to higher and higher levels. In these meditations you will be combining your energy, with your ancestral energy, with the love energy of the universe. This special retreat will take place online via Zoom Web Conferencing. The retreat will begin on Thursday afternoon and conclude on Sunday afternoon.


Qigong's Way to Remove Serious Blockages

Understand and learn specific ways to remove serious blockages associated with but not limited to:

  • HIV
  • Cancer
  • Leukemia
  • Coma
  • Depression
  • Anxiety/Anger
  • Bone marrow problems
  • Chemical dependency

Powerful Ancient Taoist Qigong Internal Cultivation

Experience ancient Taoist Qigong meditations - including powerful bone marrow cleansing practice

  • More effective ways to do fasting
  • Psychic energy training, dream messages and healing
  • How to go into the emptiness in a mere second
  • More advanced and powerful techniques to do long-distance detecting and healing
  • The Message Knife – doing energy operations
  • Advanced ways to call upon the Master’s energy and spiritual healing information
  • How to detect Qi in the land





Below are curriculum from 2019, the curriculum will be renewed and updated in 2021





More About This Retreat 




Wisdom Healing - Higher Vibration

4-Day Online Qigong Meditation Retreat with Master Chunyi Lin

Day 1



6:00 - 9:00 US Central Time | Welcome, Lecture, and Internal Refinement / Meditation

Day 2 and 3

8:30 - 9:00 US Central Time | Qigong Movement and Meditation with Master Lin

9:15 - 12:30 US Central Time | Lecture

2:30 - 5:00 US Central Time | Lecture

7:00 - (8:30 Day 2) | (9:00 Day 3) US Central TIme: Internal Refinement / Meditation

Day 4

8:30 - 9:00 US Central Time | Qigong Movement and Meditation with Master Lin

9:15 - 12:30 US Central Time | Lecture

2:30 - 5:00 US Central Time | Lecture and Closing



Schedule subject to change without prior notice.

What Others Are Saying

Wisdom Healing - Higher Vibration

5-Day Qigong Meditation Retreat with Master Chunyi Lin


“Master Lin was brilliant; the people were all so supportive.”


“I love the community of like-minded, spiritually heart-centered people….I love the morning movements and most of all love and appreciate Master Lin.”


“I had a dramatic meditation.”


"Loved all of it, especially the meditation with the chanting.”


“I got deeper into meditation, feel more connected, healed more completely, I believe. Met beautiful friends in a beautiful place.”


“I most liked the morning practice on the beach and Master Lin’s extraordinary wisdom sharing.”


“Thank you Master Lin for all of your sharing and healing.”


“Thank you Master Lin for sharing your knowledge, energy and love! Excellent!”


“The evening meditations out by the lake are beyond words to describe.”



Higher Energy Vibration with Deep Meditations




Video Recordings from 2019 Retreat Available


Great option for SFQ practitioners all over the world. Available for purchase and study online - entire collection of event video recordings from 2019 Higher Vibration Level 4 Retreat with Qigong Master Chunyi Lin. We understand that many students are unable to come to the advanced Qigong retreat due to various reasons; if that is you, the next best option is getting all the lectures videos from the retreat, so you are able to learn advanced Spring Forest Qigong from Master Lin.


Higher Vibration Meditations - Wisdom Healing Retreat 2019

SFQ Level 4 Retreat with Master Chunyi Lin | Video Recordings

Now you can learn Spring Forest Qigong Level 4 Wisdom Healing – without the travel.




Certificate of Completion: Yes | Re-Certification Credits: 5 



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