• September 22 |  Equinox Meditation | US CENTRAL TIME ONLINE $29

    The Equinox is the perfect reflection of the Yin and Yang energies in balance. It is a time when the world enjoys almost equal light and darkness. This lets us reflect on whether our own lives are in balance. We can ask ourselves, “How can I create the most perfect balance of Yin and Yang in my life?” Living in balance allows the mind to be clearer, which puts us in good alignment with the Universe and our creative source.

  • December 21 | Solstice Guided Meditation | US CENTRAL TIME ONLINE $29

    Yin and Yang always try to stay in balance, but the solstice represents a time of year when one of those energies is at its peak. If we know this, we can harmonize with those energies to keep healthy and stay happy.


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